Armchair Architect Needed: Help design backyard wedge range


hahaha unfortunately we have not dabbled in cashmere sweaters up to this point. Note taken that you are in the market for such an article.


This is so awesome. So much fun watching this project grow. I love that you’re now setting up a Tax ID, this is how you know you’ve made it! :grin: Keep it up guys, well done.


Thank you so much for keeping the memberships request in mind :laughing:


In my defense of the shoe choice, I stopped by after spending the morning at the Science Center chasing kids and right after Top Golf with the in laws. I’ll pack the steel toes and golf spikes next time I’m in the neighborhood. To all the readers, you can really see this place coming together when you’re on site. Ton of work done by this crew and hearing @sundaybag talk about the vision will get you fired up for the near endless possibilities of this little piece of heaven. Encourage all reading this to help out anyway you can: purchasing something off the wish list, donating to the cause, helping spread the word to your golf buddies, etc. Good group of dudes who are doing this the right way and for the right reason. Good luck with the surgery and look forward to catching up with you all again in a few weeks!


Looking awesome out there. Seeing the vision come alive from my phone and laptop is exciting - on the ground you guys must be popping wood.


Not sure how I missed this thread over the past few months but got hooked and read the whole thing this evening… amazing work being done here and I’m particularly excited since I’m only 3 hours away from KC.

Anyway, @sundaybag I’d love to help. I saw you mentioned you had to set up and LLC and get a tax ID. Maybe you have this covered but I’m a CPA/tax manager at a firm in Lincoln, NE and would love to talk and maybe I could donate some tax advice, tax filing services, etc. Hit me up if you’d like. Either way, I’ve already signed up on the website as a member. Can’t wait to see how things go in 2019!




This is awesome. Glad we got you over to the thread and BCN. I’ll shoot you a DM and we can talk in further detail about this. Appreciate you raising your hand and happy to have you as a member.


January Newsletter coming out tomorrow morning. Make sure and sign up to become a member before tomorrow 7AM Eastern (will post link in here as well). We are still sending out ball marks and stickers in the member packets but won’t be doing this much longer.



Just to clarify on this, we had a long pause sending member packets due to running out of branded ball markers. We have sent out all member packets (over 100 since 12/28) up to member #274. A good chunk should arrive today/tomorrow and then every other day from then on in. If you haven’t sent your address here on the refuge or through email, naturally, haven’t sent your packet.


Keep fighting that good fight!


@Ty.Webb dude! You are the man! We will have this bad boy up and running this weekend. Can’t thank you enough.

For those that don’t know, last day I was out there, the chain mechanism on the saw we were relying on basically blew up. This new saw is huge for us to finish #treemanagement and final clean up.


In case you didn’t receive the Jan newsletter in your inbox, here is the link:


One last thing and I’ll shut up. How freaking good is this rendering?!


Any chance next time you’re out there you could do a photo from each tee location to its corresponding green location? Just the standard routing of 1-7, not every possible iteration. I’d love a hole-by-hole tour as the course stands now!


TOO good.


SAME!!! Been thinking about this too.


Yes. I can do that this weekend. I’ll see if I can convince @paul to do some additional mock ups so it is easier to see exactly what we are looking at.

I’ll take photos from the tee boxes as well as closer up views of green area that would be on the same line as the tee to green line would be.




If you couldn’t tell, the blotches on the right side of the rendering are tree canopies. They are pretty close but not fully accurate of where the trees we are keeping will be.