Armchair Architect Needed: Help design backyard wedge range


Thoughts on all white with a red stitch? Splash of red with a clean white logo?


I like the plain original version, or with the red stitch if red is part of the branding. Not a huge fan of the red barn - looks a little quirky that way. No matter what, I love the format with the initials, club and axe and think it is a great patch.



Just read the entire thread. Need these as a sticker and need them now lol
What you’re doing is so awesome and refreshing, really in line with the type of golf that the NLU guys found in Scotland: local, fun, quirky, accessible. I love it.

Live in St. Louis, can’t wait to make it out, shotgun my beer/initiation fee, and hack around with you guys!


Sad to say we literally JUST missed the boat. @sundaybag just received the first shipment of stickers, and as soon as I saw these logos I was devastated they didn’t make the first run.

Logo is 100% TOO good.


Still absolutely love what was run though. Don’t ever want to lose the red barn as the core logo for BCN. The stickers are so sick. We are looking into inverting the colors and adding a clean and tasteful red barn just to see how it looks.

The red stitch took the cake on twitter for favorite logo so far. Want to run 2 to 3 logos to kick things off first.


Because I suggested the red stitch I will be purchasing any merch that is released with it.


When do you plan on selling those awesome stickers?


Not sure what we will do with the stickers. They were donated by a BCN member, so don’t necessarily feel selling them is the best idea. Maybe in a packet of goodies including a print out of the routing, bag of tees, few stickers, and something else. We will see though. Gotta start getting some things out there that can be sold so we can start planning for the spring according to donations/proceeds from merch related stuff. Absolutely will send all those goodies to anyone that sends an item to BCN or makes any sort of donation @japolo1987 @Clarkebar @Tilly @LJP stickers and other stuff coming your way after Christmas.

The difference between raising $3,500 and $5,000 is sharp. If we get into the $6,000+ range by May, we are talking about getting a few pallets of Zoysia sod for the tee boxes and significantly expanding green complexes/alternate tee boxes. We need to get moving on some goodies!


I suggest giving the stickers away for free. I wouldn’t feel right if they were given a price to the greatest membership in the world.


Was just clicking through some insta stories and I saw this. Amazing.


Haven’t been to Sweetens yet, but the dudes there are awesome folks.


Yeah…safe to say you’d get along with that place.


Had dinner with Rob Collins the night the NLU guys finished up their ryder cup event there for DJ Pie’s bday… Rob was awesome, absolute class act.

ps sweetens is as good a advertised. so good.


Pain med induced build blog coming later today (no I didn’t hurt myself working at BCN).


Interesting 24 hours for me. Kicked things off yesterday with a wee shoulder surgery. Obviously over promised with a Build Blog as I’ve been sleeping on an off from the meds and now writing this at 4:30AM.

I’ve had a nagging issue since 2016 with my left shoulder. ~25 dislocations and 2 surgeries later, finally hopeful the shoulder will be living under par by March 1. Will be minimal on-site work until then for me, but the boyz @BCNSuper and @DroppingDeuces will keep stuff moving. Realistically, we only have 2 days of cutting and clean up left before spring! Should be no problem to knock out by the first thaw.

Got out twice this past week for a few solo missions as my partners (losers?) decided to work the holidays.

Was a super wet day due to a massive storm system rolling through the Midwest. Luckily, the temp stayed up. @japolo1987 came out with his Father in Law to check the place out. We walked and talked through all the holes. Even got to take a few swings. Pretty sure Jordan ruined a pair of shoes and spiked his foot with a locust thorn. Why Jordan was out there on a construction site with moccasins on, we shall never know haha.

Built a small rock bridge and picked up some downed trees. Rode around on the new UTV @BCNSuper picked up over the holidays. It has a dump bed, turf mode for the tires, and all the pulling power we will need.

Best believe we slapped a few BCN stickers on this bad boy first thing:


Did some additional clean up work between 1 tee and 2 green. Logged a solid 3.5 hours. Shocking how much of a difference this made.


Three hours later:

Pumped up on the visuals and layers this opened up. Walking up the first, you will now have a perfect view of 2 green, 3 tee, 6 tee, and 5 green!

Here are some additional snaps:

Was told on Twitter that this pic looked very “golfy”. Couldn’t agree more:

It’s wild how opening up the creek completely has added so much intrigue to what was a fairly benign first hole. The green now looks like it is floating with the creek directly behind it and to the left - almost looking like an island green. With the work on Thursday, it now feels like you are hitting over the fat corner of the creek which adds another layer to the hole.

The holes just seem harder and more intimidating with the creek visible. Luckily, the course is designed to have huge bail outs for players that hit the whipey fade.

We finally got the re-up on ball marks. @Ty.Webb hooked it up fat with incredibly sharp stickers. We pounded out a solid 50 new member packets, so look out for those if you have yet to receive yours.

The station:



Great update! And good luck with the shoulder… hopefully this takes care of it.

Not sure if this has been addressed recently, but do you have any idea when the BCN merch is coming in? Also, is there anything on your wish list that you are especially in need of right now? After seeing all the work you guys are putting in I want to do my part too!


Shoulder will be fine. It’s annoying, but timed it in hopes that I won’t miss any on course work time (Jan-Feb are by far the worst weather wise).

Working hard on merch. We should have all the back side stuff done - Tax ID’s, online store etc. and should be ready to order some items at the turn of the year. Needing Imperial to call me back to finalize some things, but I’d expect to see some purchasable items by Feb 1.

Def have some things at different price points available on the wish list. I can send it to you directly or we can hold off until Jan 3 for the next members newsletter for that release.

Appreciate any and all support!


Sounds great - I will wait for the next newsletter.


Will there be a baby blue knit sweater for $300?