Armchair Architect Needed: Help design backyard wedge range


6 tee shot looks like 18 tee at Augusta with the window between the canopies.


Some of those vibes for sure. The canopies aren’t perfect on the rendering. 5 tee you will actually be hitting from under a beautiful sycamore tree with a tree on the right side of the green. Not as much of a shoot as it looks in the rendering, but will be threading the needle a bit.

7 will be even more like that hitting through a canyon.


@sundaybag Just got caught up on all this from CM. Love what you guys are doing. Working on getting a group together to make the trip North this Spring and play a quick 12. Anytime I’m up, I’ll bring my boots and log some hours.
Can’t wait to get my hands on some swag.


Sounds awesome KB. Congrats on the club champ this year.


I will certainly take a crack at it! Let me know what you come up with.

That rendering is money! It really helped me start to form a picture of how the loop will play. #2 in my personal favorite. Exposes the nerves early on. Brings back memories of golf holes I set up on our property as a kid. Few people know the joy of playing a crisp wedge over your dad’s shop. (or the pain of blading it through the window)


I’m sure it comes as no surprise that number 2 is our nod to architecture at large. Can’t imagine there are many opportunities where you will have a building AND road running behind the green. We actually laid the St. Andrews Road Hole over top of BCN to get the perfect angle. So hopefully it is a good (albeit miniature) representation of the hole. Couldn’t let the opportunity slip.

Hope it doesn’t come with frustration, but we won’t be playing that tee when we have multiple groups on the course. It just sounds like a lawsuit or a ball through the neighbors car window.


Well Andy can’t hate the “National” THAT much.


Christmas came late this year. Member #35 - thanks, @sundaybag!


Happy you got it. Top 50 members deserved goodies earlier than that one came. What can I say? We are a small shop.


First comment in The Refuge. Saw Andy’s post about BCN on his IG and was pumped to find out it’s in KC, where I currently reside. Not sure how I can help out, but I think it’s super cool what is going on and how it’s so community driven.

I’m 28, been golfing since I was 2 years old. Played in college and continue to play here and there when the weather is nice. Would love to help out however I can. I saw on the website you need some photo/needs. I’m an experience photographer with some skills in video. Can’t wait to see how BCN comes to life!


That’s awesome! Andy = Influencer

Welcome to our slice of paradise.


Thanks for reaching out and glad you found us.

Photography/videography would be huge for us. We will be out there all weekend. The refugees are in need of a hole by hole and @paul will doctor the pics up to really give the visual.


Jeeeeeez that is :fire::fire:


Any standout holes for you?


Member #46 checking in. BCN and St. Andrews side by side in my office, just as God intended.


For me? #2 looks so good. Love the idea of the road hole. Interested to see some of the alternate holes that aren’t in the rendering that favor a left to right shot shape. Lefty over here.


Now that we have a routing, I’ll do a quick write up on each hole to go with the visual.

Hole 1:
Severe downhill pitch shot. Shared green with hole 7. Little pitch shot (about 65 yards). Major influence on the right side from the hill that the clubhouse (barn) sits on.

From the tee:

Peep hole 7 for the green complex.

Hole 2:
The Road Hole. Will have two tee boxes - 1 for regular play and the Road Hole tee box (won’t have people play this when others are on the course for safety). 116 yards. Our original hole.

Pic from the Tee Box:

We will get some movement on this green in the spring:

Hole 3:
The initial concept was similar to Golden Bell at ANGC. Green sits right over the creek with bunkers painting the face of the ridge above the green.

View from 3 tee (tee will blend into Road Hole green complex):

View of the green:

Mock up from @paul pre cutting down a shit load more trees:

Hole 4:
The most challenging of green complexes to design. This hole will play downhill from behind 3 green. Roughly 80 yards. There is a steep 10 foot hill that sits behind the green area that I want to use as unpinnable surface. Still not exactly sure how this hole will end up.

From 4 tee:

4 green:

The slope:

Hole 5:
For sure the toughest hole on the course. The green will sit on a 25 yard sliver of property. Will have the most freedom to create a unique green as the natural surface is all but unplayable.

View from green looking back at the tee:

This is a close up from the tee:

Green area:



Hole 6:
My personal favorite because it doesn’t make much sense. Tee box roles right off 5 green complex and positions you under a beautiful sycamore tree. 60 yards straight up a steep 25 foot ridge (it’s so steep we will need to put in steps). Huge Redan kicker awaits up top. Don’t be short or you will watch your ball roll down into a bunker 20 feet below the green.

From the Tee (don’t have a great photo):

Looking down towards the tee from 6 green:

Embarrassingly don’t have many photos of this green. Here is a pic from the green looking at 7 tee:

Hole 7:
Looping back around. Will be a shared green with hole 1. From the tee you will be on the highest part of the property looking down a canyon with a natural creek running down your right side and in front of you. This will all be kept natural, so no turf will be put in the canyon. Huge kicker hill on the left side. The green will be perched on the other side of the hill, so if you get the left to right kick, you will be short of the green. Ideal shot is right over the top of the deceptive bunker set into the side of the hill a good 25 yards short of the green.

From the tee:

Green complex mock up:


Privledged to be apart of the membership. Thanks, fellas!


Been a NLU Podcast listener for a long time and finally came across the refuge today. Spent the entire afternoon reading this. Amazing work you guys have been putting in! A little late the party, but would absolutely love to help out in any way possible, tools, $$$ donation, merch purchase, etc.

Not too far north of you in Des Moines and cant wait to make a trip down to check it out. Let me know how I can help in anyway!


Awesome. Happy you found us. First off, make sure you sign up to be a member. Almost out of this last batch of 200 ball markers to give out.

Shoot me an email at so we I can share more about what we need help with.