Armchair Architect Needed: Help design backyard wedge range


you may want to check out the Fried Eggs G youtube chan (not to be confused with theFriedEgg!) for some ideas

he (well, his dad) made a backyard par 3 course using a single green and multiple tees spread around a pond


Width and angles


Checked them out. A legit grass green seems actually doable. That would change everything for this. Thanks for sharing.


You’re gonna be doing a lot of walking back and forth from green to tee. Put a tee box around the greens and add another green up top and go back and forth.


That is an intriguing point. Naturally placed the green in the area outlined as turf conditions on other areas of the property are in tough shape. Once the trees come down, that may change. Having a back and forth would be awesome. Thanks.


Is that a little nod to the Road Hole from the 115 tee or are you taking out that shed?


Yep. Requires a nice little fade off the shed or take the risk and fire right over the top. Haha.


you should install some speakers so you can loop the masters theme whenever you’re out there


@Zocco mentioning the masters theme song and @Brolock 's enlightening thoughts on the repetitiveness, it got me thinking. Added 12 at Augusta right across the (rae’s?) creek on the property. Believe this could be pulled off without hitting over top the green. What do you guys think?


That would be awesome. You may have some issues keeping a real green alive (the one across the creek) depending on how much sunlight that area gets.


is there a creek there or are you going to have to make one?


Going on a massive tree cutting expedition over the next few weeks - it’ll be in a new episode of American Loggers.


That’s going to be nice and clangy if you blade that wedge.


That’s awesome. It even looks like the entire 12th at Augusta with all that fairway in front.


Site of the first NLU refuge golf tourney?


Im in. May be too hipster for some on the refuge (rough bunkering, no tee boxes, no rough), but lets make it happen.


Are you going to go full #woke and go with 1/2 pars?


Wanted to send a quick update on this. Got the tree removal process underway this week (Andy would be proud). This will be quite the fire.


Went with a Road Hole style bunker for the green closest to the road. Seemed to work best with the space and allowed for two unique green areas. Also being deeper, should help with keeping the sand in one place. It is full sized and totally playable.

Though not natural to the landscape, tried to add a little texture by the creek area with some mounding. Expecting some epic rejections and members bounces off this bad boy.

Will be working hard over the next few weeks to get this thing playable and add the Augusta #12 style green on the other side of the creek.


This is awesome. Good on ya @sundaybag


Make sure you put down a fabric liner to keep the weeds and dirt out of the sand.

Also, here is a cool article I stumbled across: