Alamo Duel - Charitable Update (Post #3544)

Whereas, the honorable Mr. @BaxterMSP was offended by the right and honorable Justice @desertduffer, and;

Whereas, Mr. @desertduffer refused to concede that he did, in fact, offend Mr. @BaxterMSP, and;

Whereas, Mr. @BaxterMSP had the audacity to bring formal charges against Justice @desertduffer, and;

Whereas, the Ruling of The Refuge Supreme Court, read by Justice @Sarah, was to not settle the dispute in Court but rather by Duel;

Therefore be it resolved that @BaxterMSP be given his opportunity to demand satisfaction by means of Duel versus @desertduffer on Saturday the 22nd day of February in the year of our Lord 2020. The survivor of the Duel will hold the Duel Trophy until the next Duel is held.

A site for the Duel in San Antonio is being arranged. We will need a preliminary head count. See poll below.

  • I am in
  • I am on fence, leaning “in”
  • I am on fence, leaning “out”
  • I am out

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I have a customer in San Antonio and Austin that I need to visit!


And I will play you $10/$10/$20, sir.


Thank you to Associate Justice @Lazstradamus for posting this thread. I have been insulted, repeatedly, by the scummy comments of “Justice” @desertduffer. I’ve had enough and will fly down the I-35 corridor to seek my remedy.

Admittedly, I am nervous that the fine folks of the Refuge may be experiencing duel fatigue. Then again, I’m reminded of the sheer number of golf sickos simply by reading the Vegas Dave thread.

Join us to watch the demise of my duel partner. There is even a chance, should we get enough attendees, that the event could be held on an original Mackenzie design…all…day…long.


This is a duel, sir. The day people in this country fatigue of (faux) bloodshed is the day we become Finland.

And frankly, if this ends up being three or four foursomes, anyone who was on the Pinehurst trip will tell you; that crowd size is (chefs kiss.gif)


Which course is that?

I believe you mean Tillinghast, but yes it’s a truly great piece of golden age golf course architecture.

Very good point. I wonder, with bated breath, will this be the duel at which our beloved @MerchCzar “gets involved”?

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I believe @jbrooks lives in San Antonio? Maybe his friend who claims he can mop Smylie Kaufman does, too?


Correct. Baxter regrets the error and apologizes to the Refuge. Son is home with 102 temp today…must be spreading.

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There is a spot right along the San Antonio riverwalk where the bodies of those lost at the Alamo were dumped into the river.

We shall dispose of @desertduffer’s body much in the same way.


In other words, you are hoping for few witnesses to your gruesome demise upon experiencing the business end of my Japanese game-improvement irons.

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I was incorrect…it is a Tillinghast original design. Again, this will only come to fruition if there are enough attendees.

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@alexshreff has chosen sides so early? A man not known for haste…

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Also, can I just say San Antonio absolutely FUQS? Just spent 4 days there last week and that downtown is quite literally the best city I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in.


What happened to Pasatiempo?

It’s still there.


Question sir…how many duels have you attended thus far?

Really tempting to make the drive from Dallas. Good excuse to get some Smoke Shack BBQ


And we have our first food post…

@FIGJAM, Norman isn’t far, either.