Alamo Duel - Charitable Update (Post #3544)

Took longer than expected


This is true.

Also I’m pretty sure the Smylie Slayer would want to attend this duel.

And just like the Japanese from 1943-1945, I will wear you down to the point of unconditional surrender.

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Ain’t nobody here afraid of the Smylie Slayer. Does he have a handle?

100% of all duels, sir.

I’ve been on the front lines for all of them, as well, sir.

I’ve seen things you could only imagine. Beautiful, horrible, grotesque, amazing things.


Thank you. And have you, or do you intend to, serve as someone’s 2nd in said duels?

Not yet. I’m working on it though.

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Mentally way in on going but I’m already flying to Austin two weekends before so I’m a hard out unfortunately.

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If I remember correctly, doesn’t @3wiggle live in the not too distant metropolis of Houston?


You were under consideration for my second.

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I probably have room at my house for people to crash (pending an interesting conversation with my wife). 3 empty beds and a couch plus plenty of floor room.

Do you also have room under the floorboards where we can dispose of my duel partner’s earthly remains?


Paging @Snellspace - a trip that’s only a 5 hour car ride from Midland!


That’s just a day trip


“This classic 1915 Tillinghast design was restored a few years ago to perfection, all the way down to the original rectangular greens and flat-bottom bunkers. The difference is that the course now sports Mini-Verde greens.”

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My plan is to be in Houston around then for work and family reasons. If I plan correctly, I should be able to do the week in Houston, then catch a bus to SA for the Duel and fly back to DC.


Are we playing Friday or Sunday? Or both?


I think as long as they’re spread out enough people will just look forward to when they’re in locations that make it easier to attend. I know I’ve watched Cinci and now Atlanta with just growing excitement for when I’ll be able to attend.


This 100%, you put them in the right spots and the sect of people in that area will go!

I am planning to ride my trusty colt down I-35, arriving Thursday evening. Play Friday and Saturday, depart early Sunday AM before the authorities bring me in for questioning in the disappearance of Mr. Duffer.

That being said, up to everyone else if they want to do both.