Roll Call: Perth, WA

Really enjoyed the knock y’day, even with 4 (I think) temporary greens & number 11 out of action completely. Shot 82 which I was happy with for my first time around it.

Now just gota find a secret credit card to pay for that initiation fee :wink:

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@chairman @MG82 @D.Crad @BD8 Shall we look at what dates work for us all in the New Year? 11th Jan on wards is good for me. I shall keep an eye out for deals as well.

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@MG82 @D.Crad (apparently I’m a new user and can only mention two users in a post. Sorry BD8, but I just cut you off because you’re the last I’m the list)

Sorry for the non reply. Christmas party season and end general of year madness has taken over.

Just want to let you know that I’m absolutely keen for a round over the Christmas period. I’m off work from nex Friday until the 6th jan. but my wife just told me she’s basically working through so I can only really play weekends (kids not in school). Weekdays aren’t impossible. Maybe Boxing Day?

Also, once upon a time I was an ok player (12) but I don’t get on much and am a definite 18 or more now. But I can keep up.

As an aside, I know the presidents cup is on Kayo, but does anyone know if it’s available on demand or just live? I used to have Kayo and remember that only majors were on demand and PGA events were live only.

Reason I’m asking is I’ve got access to a really awesome ‘display home’ set up Through work. 80” screens, massive couches, fridges etc and we could have a presidents cup viewing. Bit of a killhouse thing?

Just an idea. There’s no free to air so I can’t record it, but there are Apple tvs for streaming.


Sorry @OliT
Only just read your message properly.

Can also do after the 11th, but would need to be a weekend for me as I’ll most likely be back at work by then. Could always take a day off if it means we get on a good course, but is a bit more difficult.

How is everyone else suited?

Looks like the Presidents Cup is on Ch9, though I guess it could be on GEM if there’s a really important re-run of some shitty sit-com for them to play during the day.

Unfortunately i’ve got some stuff to sort this weekend. My wife wants the house sorted for the arrival of our first kid so will be running around & re-organising shit i’m afraid. Hoping to maybe get some twilight golf in once the worst of the days heat is past though :fire:

As for Christmas golf, I’m working up until Christmas Eve, then we’re closed until Jan 2nd so sure we can fit something in. Boxing Day I’m guessing most people will have family stuff to attend to, so maybe Friday 27th would probably work best, if people are keen? Does that work for anyone else @BD8 @D.Crad @chairman @GMac @bssharpie (think i’ve tagged everyone except @OliT who is away!)

Also, any preference on course?

Also, seeing that YET ANOTHER Refuge match/duel is coming to fruition, I think we need to get something like this on the books for some stage next year. I was actually thinking about this on the walk to work this morning. What courses we could hire out for the day, what charity we could make it for, how we could possibly get some merch sorted out, etc etc.

There is also talk of an ANZAC meet-up in Melbourne next October incase of you weren’t aware… shoutout @sliceroulette

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definitely free the arvo, might be playing that morning already but just sorting that out still. a vote for seaview from me but can be easily swayed.

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Sweet… just checked Seaview’s website & looks like Friday all day is good for public play, and should only be $35 for 18 holes being a week day. Will drop them a line & see if I can hold two x four-ball slots at around 2pm if that works for everyone? I’m sure I can cancel/re-arrange if needs be.

UPDATE - We should be grand, but they don’t take midweek bookings until a week out, so will just lock that in next Friday… which should give a bit more time for people to get their schedules cleared so we can go launch em (very low, beneath the howling Fremantle Doctor).

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Good work driving this one @MG82

I’ve had a change of plans… not going to be in Perth until the week leading up to the Australia Day weekend.

So if you or anyone are keen for a hit sometime from 20th - 26th January, I’m bringing the clubs and will be ready to go.

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My folks arrive from the UK on Jan 18th & baby is due Feb 7th so i’d say i’ll be unlikely, but…

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Gents. Would anyone be interested in a little daytrip to play Binningup on Sunday Dec 29th? It’s about a 1.5 hr drive from Perth itself, but only $20 in an honour box to play. SUPER fun 9 holer, with double pins on a couple of holes. Myself and at least one mate will be heading down for 18 (maybe 27 depending on time/weather), offer is open to join us. No need to book tee times as there is no clubhouse or anything, just rock up & play. Can let you know details of time we’re likely to get there if anyone is keen.

2 x 4 balls booked for 2pm at Seaview on Friday 27th. Pro shop says we’ll need to go off earlier if anyone needs to hire anything (clubs/carts) but booking can be amended. Let me know who is keen @BD8 @D.Crad @chairman. I have at least one mate locked in, but there are spots if you fancy it & wana bring anyone. Lemme know! :+1:t2::golfing_man:t3:‍♂

Oh, and Binningup may now happen on the Monday instead of the Sunday if that helps/hinders anyone :grimacing:

I’m out sorry mate due to family stuff on those days but hope it’s a belter!

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Hey all,

Thats me back in the warmth. Looking forward to getting out and having a hit with you guys. Weekends would be ideal. few deals here to be had.

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Welcome home boss! Good trip?

Weekends should be good for me dependent on arrival of bub. I’ve been having some back/hip issues so haven’t been playing early mornings (getting old sucks!) but most of the offers seem to be after midday on Sat/Sun anyways.

Chequers is… okay?! Course is nothing special and it’s a bit out of the way, but that price is pretty tough to argue with.
Keen to do the Araluen one at some stage as i’ve only played it when I was at Uni some 15 years ago; same with Pinjarra & Kwinana as i’ve never got on those. I bought a Hartfield deal for a two ball pre-Christmas but haven’t been able to use it yet. That expires end of this month so if anyone is keen, let me know. Would be $30 for 18 holes & a beer, to use Mon-Wed, Fri or Sun.

It was very busy! Not much of a holiday, a lot of driving seeing family. Although, I did manage to get a round in at the course I spent most of my childhood so that was awesome.

I had never heard of Chequers before, agreed is miles away! Araluen isnt too bad, needs a bit of love. Lots of little stones in the bunkers and rough which can dent your clubs. But still a great course. I have had a few rounds at Kwinana, its a good course, some challenging holes. Only played Hartfield once, tough day on the course for me, so would be keen to redeem myself. What time would it be on Sundays there?

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You always seem to be at the beck & call of folk when you head back, right?! Glad you were able to get a round in, especially at this time of the year.

Used the Hartfield voucher up with a mate on Sunday just gone and not seeing them on CGDs any more, but you can usually find a cheap deal on their online booking system. The course is in great nick, long enough without having to bomb away all the time as there is plenty of doglegs. My mate is in his mid-late 60’s and torched me 5 & 4 as he just kept hitting the fairways off the tee & letting me set myself on fire as usual :upside_down_face:

I have my folks arriving on Friday arvo to help with when the baby comes along, so I may be out of action for a while. Hope you blokes can tee it up sometime.

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Absolutely, especially with having the little one and introducing her all the rest of the family.

Oooof, some icarito moments? I shall have to try and get out there again. I am looking at joining Melville glades they have a pretty good deal going on at the moment.

Not long now till the baby arrives?

Actually played okay, but yeah, not enough “between the mustard & the mayo” off the tee. Plus he’s the most dangerous 16 hcp i’ve ever played against, barely missed all day, the bastard!

What’s the go with Melville Glades? More importantly, will you be able to get guests on?! :upside_down_face:

Due Feb 7th, so we’re officially on countdown

There is always one person out there like that!

They are having bit of a membership drive, they have a restricted membership offer for $1400, unlimited social golf but limited to 20 comps a year. i would assume you can bring guests!

D day is almost here! my little girl turns one next month, time has flown by!

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