A thread for the Texas folks

I’ve had some late developing news from the wife this week that she’s made a 1:30pm Jester King reservation for that Saturday with a friend in town. Confirming timing and I’ll let y’all know if I can still make it. will be very mad if I can’t

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Jester King is sick though. Quite the pickle to be in.


What times are you looking at booking? If its not too late in the afternoon I’ll drive down from Dallas to play. Traffic has been nonexistent on 35 recently.

ATX resident here, new to the site/long time listener of podcast. Would love to join this outing


im going for 8am-9am tee times. im going to pitch a tent out there at 5:30 and get those times haha.


im looking to grab early tee times so we may be able to get you a siiick saturday with gold and Mr. Jester.


an 8-er would be chefs kiss

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I’m in dallas we can meet somewhere in the middle. Rockwood is always good for me.

Oh, indeed it was. Unfortunately I dropped the ball getting signed up for the match play, so someone else is going to have to really go after one.

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Damn. I was counting on a big score with this strategy. So…I assume you’ll just write me a check for $300 to make me whole?

When you’re rich you don’t write checks!

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Anyone want to play in San Antonio this weekend at Silverhorn? I have a college teammate playing with me and we have 2 more spots open in our tee time

I’d say hell yes. But the 5 hour drive there and back is telling my body hell no. I bet you can find a gui in here to snag up one of those spots if not both.

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Update, best possible outcome to book tee times is to be there at 6:30am tuesday before to book in person before they open up the online tee time booking at 7am. PROBLEM IS… we got (11) guys which requires (3) tee times and there is a (2) tee time booking limit per person so I can only book (2) when I show up… BUT… got a plan. I’ll be there early and will recruit someone who is also a moron for being there that early to give me his/her second tee time…

All this to say I have a plan, but it’s got a weakness if I can’t get any love from the others.


So I have to work Sunday night. Sat no good for you?

Just showed up at the house we booked for my bachelor party this weekend. This is the view from the back patio. You can just barely see Lakeside Golf Club back there which we’re playing tomorrow morning. Very excited about the weekend!


Barton Creek Lakeside? If so, highly underrated course. Enjoy it.

We’re in Canyon Lake so I don’t think so, but I’m sure this place is decent regardless. I’m far and away the best golfer out of all my friends so I’m just hoping to keep up pace of play.

For all the guys/gals attending the Austin NLU, PSA: Lions muny greens were next level bad this morning. They just sanded them and they were soaked. If you wanna score, dunk it from 100yds ha.

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