A thread for the Texas folks

Hows it goin everyone. Tech grad living in Dallas off of Lower Greenville, grew up in Plano. Long time content consumer, first time poster. 14 handicap who on more occasions than any person would admit tends to push the limits on how far right a tee shot can go. Play Sherrill Park and use their practice facilities on the weekdays as its on my way home from work. Weekends with buddies will typically play Stevens, Sherrill, Bear Creek, Cedar Crest, Tribute, Pecan Hollow. Will play Heritage Ranch a lot with grandparents as well.


Location? I’m in glen rose. Squaw valley is here. But up for other options too.

What say you west of 75 Dallas boys? We gonna crush the Glenn or what?

(PS please don’t make me play the glenn.)

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We’re saving Tenny G for the championship match of course.


Had a buddy play there on Saturday for kicks, he let me know “they had sanded the greens so it was the smoothest they’ve run in quite some time.”

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only thing that gets crushed at the Glen is the spirit of the players on the course

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I’m in for LITERALLY anywhere. I’ve even played Glen 5+ times in the last year.


Can someone explain to me the “glen” hate (I don’t know what it is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask).

Can you give me your thoughts on Bear Creek as someone who is coming back to the metroplex?

I used to play there a ton and after they finished the west course it seems like they just let the east go. Also to me it seemed like there were no rules about tee times or anything honestly.

It’s the “other” course at Tenison. It’s actually slated to be abandoned and maybe repurposed for jogging trails, flood plain, and probably just wishing here, maybe a par 3 course. It’s cheap, poorly kept, uninteresting, and mosquito infested since it has a lot of creek and drainage flow along the course. I’d say it has “personality” but it’s really just ugly. Also, there’s usually a dude roaming the course from whom you can buy shitty golf balls he found in the woods and creeks.


$12 to walk on the weekend last time I was out there too.

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It’s a solid place. I like the west course more than the east mainly because of the bunkers. They’re in a little better condition while the East was rock hard last I played there. Only real complaint is pace of play on the weekends but it’s a public course with a great location for people on both sides of the metroplex to get to with 2 solid courses so it’s easy to see why it is so packed.

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@DuckDuckHook / @mctrees02: Who was it that flew a wedge over the clubhouse during the Golden Age Classic? I’m trying to see if my bookie will give me a line on the DFW Match Play Bracket and now that we’re in the post-Bryson era that seems like a sure lock.

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Let us not forget that you truly go out for nine, but no one warns you and there is nothing at the turn but the same homeless man trying to sell you water logged top flites.

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@chaser do you remember? It was somebody from your foursome, right?

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What’s up guys, going to be heading into San Antonio Friday evening for the weekend. I’ve got a tournament on Sunday at the Oaks and we were told we can’t have a practice round. Does anyone in San Antonio want to find a place to play Saturday morning? If not, any course recommendations. Preferrable to keep it to a strapped budget as I’m a college student.

Austin NLU Meet-up! Date Finalized to the 17th of October at Lions Muny Golf Course, ATX.

Please, if you plan on attending, RSVP on this sheet so I can get an accurate number to book tee times. Also, we will do a match play style game for bragging rights and a case of beer!

Round will be $35 plus Uncle Sam’s bite. Prep to pay it at the course.




@cgroom Based on the Golden Classic thread I think it was @ShinGolf

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