A thread for the Texas folks

He must be play DN way too much to think you’re getting relief from an old hole with a couple little guys. Had one once at Stevens that upon grounding the club erupted, would’ve had them all over me. THAT sounds more like necessary relief.

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We now have the answer to Sergio’s tantrum…

Has anyone here played Oeste Ranch in Weatherford before? Playing on Sunday and not sure what it’s all about.

Not a pitch and putt, but I hear the new PGA is going to have an enormous putting course.

That’s cool. The actual city of Dallas needs something, selfishly. I hope they use some of the land at Tenny Glen for it .


If you ever get north enough to George Bush I believe there’s a pitch and putt in Richardson opening up called the golf ranch

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Boy, am I not a fan of courses that don’t let you book a solo outing online. I can go to Kissing Tree or Vaaler or Lighthouse and they will happily take my money and put me in a blank spot on their spreadsheet. But if I want to try to get a single time at Plum Creek, I’ve got show up in person, hat in hand, and hope they have something available. It sucks, because Plum Creek is so close.

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Look at what I found when looking for a broken tee on the 18th at Stevens


So you don’t hit driver on 18?

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Sky’d a 3 wood, bladed an 8 onto the green and 2 putt to the back shelf from the front for a par. I am a Spieth fan aren’t I?


Late to the party, but Oeste Ranch is generally viewed as muni-level golf course. If you want to play out in Weatherford area, highly suggest Split Rail.

Didn’t end up playing there anyways. Got stood up by a good friend so I headed to Tierra Verde in Arlington. Loved it.

Which part of Weatherford is Split Rail in? I’m definitely interested in playing more courses west of Fort Worth.

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Tierra Verde is a good audible. Split Rail is about 10 minutes directly south of Oeste Ranch in Anetta. Semi-public/private club. Never a ton of traffic out there.

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First time playing Tierra Verde. Great track! Wish I played better but overall loved it.

I’ll have to look into Split Rail. Thanks for bringing it up!

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Canyon West is out there, opinions vary widely but I like it and prices are good. I’ve been meaning to make it out to Sugar Tree because a guy in my league brings it up pretty much every week.


Split Rail is really solid, great range and course usually plays firm and fast. 5 sets of tees so suggest playing one back then you normally would.

I live out near Weatherford, and Split Rail and Canyon West are definitely good options. Another one of my favorites is Squaw Creek. Fun course, and it’s BYOB!


I used to play Hermann Park golf course in Houston quite a bit when I lived next door and I couldn’t stand it. The only reason I played it was because I could walk there with my push cart and play relatively cheaply.

Looking at it in google earth now, I’ve realized why I hated it so much. Every hole with water has a lake that completely blocks off the fairway starting somewhere around 240yds and running to 275-290yds. So you’re forced to lay up on every single Par 4 with water unless you can reliably hit it 300yds pretty straight. It was so boring.

You are correct about Hermann Park. It also gets too much play and has always been in mediocre condition when I have played it. It’s been several years since I have played it. YMMV

Agreed. Hermann has a lot of potential, definite Winter Park-type potential, but every time I’ve played it there’s been like three greens totally out of commission and three foursomes waiting to tee off on every hole.

Side note: Any recommendations for getting a driver fitting in Houston?