A thread for the Texas folks

Not from Texas but go south of dfw for work one or 2 times a year.my thoughts on a few mentioned, canyon west is fun, have played it a couple times will always return. Love 9th tee from way up top, great 360degree view. Couple silly holes but nice course, small pro shop but gorgeous bar area.
Squaw Valley in glen rose has 36 holes, you won’t be let down. They have a great practice facility. Greens are big and fast. They enclosed their pavilion, really nice, no sit down bar.
Whitestone was ok. I played in December and it was cold. Had some really rough areas but I would go back again in better weather.
Sugar tree, I been wanting to go, hearing so much good, and seeing the nice "professional " photos online. Made it this spring and was highly disappointed. Pro shop is nice. Range is small and beat up putting green was ok. But the course was in terrible shape. There was no difference between the rough and fairway, greens smaller and everything was hard as a rock. A lot of lefts and rights and hills if you don’t know the course and hit wrong club, your good shot will be orb or hazard bound. The par 5 turned into a par3 from flood, but no other area on course got water I guess. I would not go back for 20dollars.

He’s tricking you. Lol. Unless miracles happened since may. And it’s a tight blind shot course for a lot of it.

How are the conditions at Stevens? Greens? Feels like about the time of year when they’d punch them.

Worlds colliding yet again! Let’s all hope @Tron can get more than two words in this time before getting dumped.


Playing a casual round with some coworkers tomorrow and they’re debating between the following courses, none of which I’ve played before. I’m hoping someone can weight in on which of these are better/worth playing

  • Mansfield National
  • Thorntree
  • Prairie Lakes
  • Brickyard
  • Golf Club of Dallas

Any thoughts?

I would vote for GCD


I played Brickyard years ago and loved it. Mansfield is a pretty solid choice as well.

I’d rank them GCD, Thorntree, Mansfield, Brickyard, Prairie Lakes.

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Played it last Wednesday and it’s about as good as I’ve seen it. Greens weren’t punched, fairways were really good.

Played out there for the first time a few weeks ago, and can confirm there have been no miracles. The greens were super hairy and inconsistent. Even some of their regulars are pretty disappointed in the condition.


Lol. And it’s like 40+ to play right.

Yep… :sweat_smile:

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It’s just awesome out there

I love Squaw Creek, 3-4 times a year I take a day off work just to drive down there and play 36. Next time you’re in town let me know if you want to meet up!

Good to know about Sugar Tree, I’ve been hyped about it for a while.

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Should be in the area in October for a couple weeks. Usually have first weekend off and will play. Split rail sounding interesting too.

Split Rail is a great course. Played out there 2 weekends ago and course was in great shape. Back 9 can be tricky and you have to put the ball in the fairway on a few tee shots. Kind of a drive but well worth getting out of the traditional popular public courses that take 5 hours to play


I feel like y’all have been talking about this but are there any decent cheaper courses, public or munis around Arlington?

Going to visit some family at the beginning of September and my cousin hasn’t played in years so don’t want to go to an expensive course. Would rather just hack it around somewhere cheap.

Riverside Golf Course off of 360 is in pretty good shape and is at a decent price $40 (weekday) $20 for nine holes. Meadowbrook Park Golf course is a fun little nine hole course it was in okay shape when I played it last. Grand Oaks in Grand Prairie is a fun old school country club style track. I’ll try to think of some more that I’ve played that are at a pretty good price point after I’ve had my coffee.


Nine holes may actually be perfect, he hasn’t played in years so 18 would probably be too much to start with. I’ll look at Riverside and Meadowbrook. I appreciate it!