A thread for the Texas folks

No one wants to over exert themselves in late July.


I’m thinking that is coming from a lack of understanding what an NIT qualifier may entail? @DuckDuckHook and I kicked the idea around when we started this process and we decided to first gauge interest in a get together and, if we had enough, then look into the NIT option.

Can you provide us specifics on what an NIT event would require?

You’ve got it pretty much covered. As long as it’s got a charitable aspect, a preponderance of refuge/nest folks, and some way to choose the spot you’ve pretty much got it covered. It doesn’t have to be competitive or anything like that. Could do a closest to pin to determine the spot(s) or a charity raffle, or whatever you want.

Totally get it if it’s not of interest but don’t want the fine denizens of North Texas to be deprived!


Cool…so my worst ball alternate shot format proposal is still in play then :wink:


I would HIGHLY encourage that sort of format.


I’m thinking of making the trip down there for this, provided it’s open to non-Texas folks? I’d love a reunion with my Duel at the Alamo buddies :slight_smile:


That’s allowed. Certainly not restricted to Dallas only.

I don’t see why anyone would be against making it an NIT event

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Just here to say I’ll never play bear Creek again, Golf Club of Dallas is getting a lot better too. I like the course selection.

What happened at Bear Creek? Haven’t played it since last summer.

It took 4:48 to play 18 on Saturday with 3 6-12 handicap golfers. 3 sometimes 4 groups on one hole. Just crazy busy, Marshall said they do about 500 people on Saturdays haha

That’s a good question. A couple of us are already going to the Sweetens event, or may have already tried to qualify elsewhere. Also, in the past it has sometimes meant a different scoring format, and I know in the past others have just preferred to focus on the hang. From the responses so far, seems like everyone wants a pretty low key approach.

Once we get dates and tee times confirmed, @mctrees02 and I will set up a charitable target regardless and try to come up with a fun qualifying game that still lets everyone do their thing.

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I don’t see why not on the qualifier if we make it something silly/don’t take it too seriously. Could do whatever format we want and choose a hole or two on each course to play your own ball, low cumulative scores wins ala Aon risk reward challenge.


Wow. That’s not very surprising honestly. Was it at least in good condition? Last time I was out there it took me a good bit to get around, and the East course wasn’t in the best condition.

I’m hoping to make it but i’ll be in Colorado until the 18th. I’m hoping to be able to play one round if it’s the weekend of the 25th.

Confirming with the boss tonight which if these works best. T’s & P’s appreciated…


I’m looking at a last minute golf trip with a buddy. Will only be two days and we both are recent college grads so we are on somewhat of a budget. We want to be able to drive and we’re in Abilene. Any recommendations in Texas/Oklahoma?

Pine Dunes comes to mind based on posts here, but I have never played and would like to hear about other places.

All, for the Golden Age Classic, we’re looking at booking mostly likely the 19th as the best day for course availability and attendance, with Golf Club of Dallas in the morning and Cedar Crest in the afternoon, and trying to reserve socially distanced patio space somewhere for lunch between.

Go ahead and get your spreadsheet entries in so we have a good idea of how many tee times to block out. Pricing, charity and format decisions will be announced later once we get the main details in place.

Anyone else who wants to join


pick me!

@DuckDuckHook thanks for all the effort you and @mctrees02 are putting in to this.