A thread for the Texas folks

Just announced Friday that Cedar Crest is again hosting Dallas Am qualifying rounds, that will be July 10, 12, and 18. I asked the pro when they thought they’d finish. If we can go off in the late afternoon, it might still work, we will have lots of daylight, but TBD. We may need to push to the following weekend unless folks want to do a Sunday.

Also, I played 36 Friday at Pine Dunes. Course was in great shape. My game not so much. Can’t wait until we can get a big RADGC Texas event out there. They also just opened a bunch of new, much more modern cabins right by the turn


Booked a tee time for this past Saturday afternoon at Irving Golf Club. Showed up and the front gate was closed. Called and the messaged said the golf course was closed. To your (or anyone’s) knowledge, does the course flood really bad? I didn’t think it rained very much on Friday night.

Would have been cool if they would have emailed to let me know.

That’s weird. There’s a creek running through the course and everything now around the clubhouse is not elevated, so I bet it was at least too wet to play if not flooded. They definitely could’ve emailed you though.

The course sits just off the west fork of the Trinity River and it’s large flood plain. Also, Love Field had just under 5 inches of rain Friday night/Saturday morning so that is almost certainly why they closed. You would think they would notify players though.

Going to be down in The Woodlands this weekend for a wedding. Anyone in the area looking to get out Saturday morning to play with a Dallasite? Or have any recommendations on a good place to play? Looking back through the thread it looks like Cypress Golf Club might be a good option, but would love any suggestions!

Cypresswood Tradition course is a pretty good choice up there. Not too far from the woodlands


Woodforest Golf Club is amazing. Cypresswood Tradition hasnt really recovered after floodings.


The Golf Courses are fine, they just have had a temporary clubhouse. So if you are looking to hangout and drink some beers inside, you cant do that at Cypresswood. But with covid its not really recommended to do that anyways.


Ya that is more of what I meant but both are great choices. If wanting something closer to Woodlands there is The Oaks and Panther Trails at Woodlands Resort

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Update on the Dallas meetup, hopefully for July 18. Cedar Crest should open up after the Dallas Am qualifying rounds on July 18 around 2 pm and we should be able to get first dibs on the afternoon tee times. We’re still trying to lock down Golf Club of Dallas for the morning. Once we do, we’ll post an actual sign up sheet for the Golden Age Classic. Anyone with tech skills that wants to craft a logo using an old school Golden Tee Classic arcade console, we could make this thing pop.


Thanks for putting in some leg work for us!

Anyone going to play in the DAC?

the net division looks like it may be right up my alley…


I havent played Cedar Crest in a long time…this might be a nice way to get out and do it.


I wanted to do the net division last year. but couldn’t make any of the dates work My game is in such bad shape right now after taking 3 months off, I don’t know that playing under that kind of stress would be good for me right now. You should definitely do it, I can give you some course tips if you’d like.

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I’m considering playing so any course tips would be greatly appreciated. I’ve practiced at cedar crest but haven’t played there yet.

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I am playing on the 18th. Couldn’t talk my wife into two days but she was good with the DAC

Played out at Irving this afternoon for my first time. Shot a personal best 84 after my first 3 rounds back post-COVID have been well above 100.

Course took a decent amount of water from the recent storms so a few low areas in the fairways were properly staked off, but otherwise the course is in really good shape and it’s a great value. It’s not very long from the one-ups and it’s fairly wide off the tee, but you still want to have certain angles into greens, and centerline fairway bunkers all provide some strategy off the tee. Greens were not running fast from all the rain but they were in really good shape for a muni with the weather we’ve had the last week, they rolled really true. It was a fun round, obviously more fun because I was firing on all cylinders (for me).


Meetup Update:

Both Cedar Crest and Golf Club of Dallas want to have us out. We are planning to do Golf Club Dallas in the morning and Cedar Crest in the afternoon.

I’ve updated the sheet to vote your availability of four possible weekend dates so we know when to hold it and how many tee times to block at each course, an open field for what format you’d prefer, and give us your opinion on whether we should ask the NLU boys to make this a local NIT qualifier (may impact format and we can probably provide for opt-in/opt-out like we did in San Antonio)




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No love for the NIT here. Tuff scene.