A thread for the Texas folks


Would love the chance to play Old American.


Have y’all heard any updates on the sale process for Wolf Point in Port Lavaca? @Tron mentioned it in another thread, but I was curious if any Texas folks were aware of this hidden gem on the coast?


Transplant from Kansas City, now living in the Frisco/McKinney area. Always looking to meet up and play with fellow golf enthusiasts. If you’re in the North Dallas suburbs hit me up.

Favorite courses played in Texas: Pine Dunes, Stevens Park, Tour 18, Firewheel, Ridgeview Ranch.


Right on man, I play Ridgeview all the time. Typically hit the range there on the way home from work during the week.


Woodforest Golf Club (Formerly Fish Creek, designed by Steve Elkington) north of Houston is great. Amazing greens, super fast, wide course with plenty of options. Houston open uses it for it’s monday qualifier now after Cypress was flooded out during Harvey.

Bluejack is incredible. Also incredibly tough to get on.

Crown Colony in Lufkin is ridiculously challenging but beautiful.

Rayburn Country is another one hidden out in East Texas, it is on the south end of lake sam rayburn, near Jasper. Very hilly and fun.

La quintera is what is was called I believe when I played it, out in San Antonio? It previously hosted the Texas Open? Great course and it starts you off with a par 6!


Another Houston area course I haven’t seen mentioned is Gleannloch Pines. It is up in Spring and have only played once but was in great condition. Semi-private and has a private sister course called Augusta Pines. Heard a few members say how they often prefer Gleannloch over Augusta


ALSO, if you have any friends who work for Mustang Caterpillar - you might want to talk golf with them and hope they invite you to play…


Is Crown Colony a good course? Decent setup for a tournament?


If you play in Houston I would try out Timber Creek (probably best bang for your buck), Wildcat, Blackhorse, Wilderness in Lake Jackson, Eagle Pointe, Golf Club of Houston, Cypresswood, Memorial and they should be opening back up Gus Wortham soon.


Eagle Pointe is a nice course. Played my high school district championship there. Deerwood is great if you can ever get on to it.


Belonged to Diamond Oaks when I was young and falling in love with the game, took me a while to realize how lucky I was to be able to play that track a couple hundred times a year.


DFW folk, surprised to see not much mention of Northwood. The new renovation is outstanding and should put it up there with the top tier of DFW private clubs. Plus only one of 3 clubs to host a major in the DFW area.


What is the best hidden gem in the DFW area?


Stevens Park and Tenison Highlands (not glen) are solid tracks.


Interesting that you consider two of the best hidden gems also being the two closest to downtown Dallas. Do either have skyline views?


I know Stevens does. Don’t recall either way at Tenison.

To be fair, I’m not sure either are necessarily hidden, or gems. But if you are looking to play a reasonably priced and fun muni, I’d start with these two.


Rockwood is hard to beat. Easily walkable, great greens (with a few squared off), and downtown views of Fort Worth. I need to try Stevens Park and really any other course that Trey Kemp and Colligan Golf have gotten their hands on.


the recent redo made it such a fun track to go out with your buddies, and is really affordable for the college crowd (aka me)


I’m stationed down in the Dirty Del Rio, and frequently make weekend trips to the San Antonio area. Looking for inputs on good golf courses, or seeing if anyone wants to teach me wolf hammer sometime.


I’m in SETX. Beaumont. Haven’t been able to travel a whole bunch, and the courses, unless you head over to Houston, aren’t the greatest around the area. If y’all know any around here or to sneak my way over to Louisiana, or want to watch me go double double birdie of the first three holes, holler.