A thread for the Texas folks


I’m from Oklahoma City, and spend 10-15 weekends a year in Dallas and haven’t even heard of Cedar Crest. Will be a must play next time I’m in the area.


I am just checking in to make sure that we aren’t forgotten about up here in the panhandle! Happy to host anyone who comes through and wants to play in 30 mph winds! Home of Ryan Palmer!


DFW resident checking in. I’m on the Fort Worth side of town and my favorite over here by far is Shady Oaks, but it’s not easy to get on. New Rockwood layout is a lot of fun for a muni. Diamond Oaks is a hidden gem. Not the best course in the world, but a fun track and place to play.



I agree with most of that. I am a member at Mira Vista and Colonial. Let me know if you ever want to get out and play.


Yeah, man. Would love to play sometime. I haven’t been to Cedar Crest either. We should set that up sometime. Busy this weekend, but let’s make it happen.


I could swing Sunday a.m.


I can make Sunday morning work.


@ejectinglefty89 @birdiesforthebears and me, can we get a fourth?

How early are we willing to go? Would love to get around there in less than 4 hours…


I would say around 8-9am if that works for y’all.


@ejectinglefty89 exactly what I was thinking


that’s great with me


@birdiesforthebears @ejectinglefty89

Time at 8:20 is reserved. Need one more…


Good to see a bunch of DFW guys here. I’m southwest of Fort Worth in Granbury. Haven’t played a whole lot in Fort Worth, Hawks Creek a dozen or so times and Shady Oaks once.

It would be good to play a few more courses in the dfw area. Im off every Friday.


@birdiesforthebears @ejectinglefty89

We have 4, my buddy will be joining


From west Houston (Katy’s area) and play out at Falcon Point which is a great and tough club Corp course. Water on 16 holes. Really helps you improve your game.

Best course I’ve played in Texas are

  • Grand Pines (Part of Bentwater in conroe)
  • Carlton Woods - both Nicklaus and Fabio are great
  • Traditions in College Station. The redesign of the Campus course is pretty good too
  • TPC course in San Antonio where Valero is played and TPC Woodlands
  • Bluejack is amazing if you can get out there. No rough on the course. Everything is clean shaven into pine straw. White sand like Augusta. Very challenging green complexes.
    -Palmilla down in Port Aransas was great. Love links style golf and the wind can really blow on the coast making it play more transitional

For public courses in Houston BlackHorse has good 36 holes but conditioning can be hot or miss. Same with Meadowbrook Farms ( a Norman course). A hidden cheaper place is Southwyck in Pearland. Links style just south of Houston.


How was it, @birdiesforthebears @ejectinglefty89 @TheHammer ???


Decent weather and a 3 1/2 hr round is always a good way to start a Sunday. @birdiesforthebears where were you?

Where’s the next round, DFW people?


I’m in downtown Dallas. Originally from Ohio but my folks moved down here during my first semester of college so I followed. Have since lived here during summers and after school. We’ve had a family membership at Old American which I think is one of the best tracks in DFW. If you haven’t gotten out there to play I would highly suggest it. The course runs right along Lake Lewisville and has some pretty good design characteristics (6 holes with center bunkering). They are going to be hosting the LPGA VOA tournament out there the first week of May if that piques anybody’s interest. I concur with many about Stevens Park. I would love to get back out there soon. Have a good weekend everybody!


Any ATX people in here?


@FullyVested :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: