A thread for the Texas folks

I would be interested in a Dec 30 or 31st round too, depending on when I get back into town from Christmas and what work looks like that week. I have a voucher for a free tee time at The Tribute that expires December 31 that I haven’t been able to use yet.

Anyone in Austin with coach recommendations? I’m way in on Gankas’ methods, but most local coaches I’ve talked to seem to be against a lot of what he teaches. Anyone know a Gankas adjacent coach in Austin?

Howdy folks! I’m new to posting in the refuge so I figured I’d make a post here in the Texas thread. I’m from the Houston area and frequently play whatever is the best deal around town. I’ve been super excited about the renovations to Gus Wortham and Memorial Park, which I’ve been able to play twice since the re-opening. It’s nice to have options to walk in the city for less than $40 on the weekend. Any other Houstonians out there?

“Houston-based engineer who works mostly to fund his golf budget. Proud owner of a wipey fade.”
Are you me?


There are dozens of us!

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Sam Houston State grad and Spring/Woodlands resident here. Ravens Nest in Huntsville is about as nice a course as you could ask for in a smaller country town like Huntsville. 30 min up the road in Trinity is Westwood Shores. Westwood Shores gives a Caddie Shack vibe. Like Chevy Chase or Bill Murray could pull up on you at any moment. It is quiet, and pretty secluded. I believe we got on for $30. Greens are soft and slow - so going low is an option (though, I am scared to go low).

Now that I have graduated and been in The Woodlands area, we are members at the Woodlands Country club. It is nice, but won’t blow your socks off. I enjoy it, but it is getting VERY over populated. Additionally, I have played Cypresswood, Augusta Pines, Walden, Woodlands - Gary Player Course, and Grand Lake Estates.

For ATX/San Antonio Golfers looking to change it up:

Played The Bandit down in New Braunfels yesterday for the first time in a while and was extremely impressed. Living in Austin am always looking to change up the scene as I will usually play a heavy rotation of Cystal Falls, Star Ranch, Avery, etc.

Drive is an hour-ish from downtown. We were possibly the first group to tee off at 844am and the round was $75 or so. Green speeds were great and extremely smooth… definitely one of those places where certain holes you would much rather be 15 feet below the pin than 5 feet above. Worth your time to give it a look if you are looking to try new places in the somewhat nearby area.


I’m familiar with Gankas’ leg work. Do you work with him?

I love Raven Nest. It is a must play for anyone north of Houston. I grew up playing the Trinity Plantation golf course. It was never as nice as Westwood, but had a super fun layout. Course lost their greens though and hasn’t been able to get them back.

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I do not. I thought about doing the online work with his group, but I don’t want to shell out that much for an online coach.

New here, I’m a Fort Worth golfer. Grew up playing River Crest, went to SMU played the Dallas courses (first hole on one was at Keeton Park #11).

Used to be a member at Diamond Oaks. Great course, wish they kept it up better like it was back in the early 2000s.
Currently am a member at Mira Vista. Love it.
Favorite course is Shady Oaks.
Won an NTPGA Masters tournament event at Shady Oaks against a bunch of guys who were going to play in college back in the day. I had to use “selective scorecards” to even get into the tournament.
The best 9 in Texas used to be the unused unmanicured Rockwood 3rd 9 that they turned into a par 3. Can’t believe they didn’t use it in the redesign.
Former P1 at Pecan Valley and always enjoyed hacking it around ZBoaz and trying not to double cross it into the strip club on #4.
My wife is better than me.


Raven Nest lost its sand trap/bunkers and hasn’t been able to get them back :frowning:

That sucks. I haven’t been out there since February. That place is so fun when it gets baked out.

did you ever get out? what did you think? i’ve played 3 times now and definitely think it’s a huge improvement. trying to get a tee time when they open up online at 0600 is a PITA though.

I was over there with my dog and they asked me to stay around the edges, so I didn’t get to see much more than what you can see from the street. I ended up going out to the Wilderness at Lake Jackson again after I was too hungover to get up and get a tee time and had an absolutely killer time. Wilderness is just too good to not have fun.

Moving down to Clear Lake/League City in the coming months and looking for a course to play/join with a regular game going. Seems most are Club Corp properties around there. Worth joining? What is the vibe/culture like?

I grew up in League City. I believe everything is now club corp for country club golf courses down there. South Shore Harbour is what I grew up playing and used to be associated with the resort. Its a pretty decent challenging track with 3 nines. Has a club house that probably needs to be remodeled but there a definitely a bunch of big groups that play. No pool or work out facility ect. Magnolia Creek is probably the best course but has the worst facilities. Started as a public course and has a small clubhouse. Bay Oaks has the best facilities and a pretty decent track. I think is the pricier tier of the three. Beacon Lakes (Public) isnt a good golf course but it is lighted. I know Bayou golf course (Public)has some regular games and is pretty affordable. Timber Creek I believe just started a membership program and is one of my favorite courses in Houston, but again pretty basic facilities.


I’ve got PTSD from a high school tournament played here. 45mph winds and air temps in the low 30’s. I think I shot a million.I flip it off every time I drive to Dallas.


It’s definitely quirky as it is. I can only imagine in those conditions hahaha

Anyone in the San Antonio area interested in a round on Christmas Eve morning? I grew up in Texas but live in DC now, in town for the holiday and looking to take advantage of some warm temps.

Was thinking Brackenridge, the quarry, or la cantera but haven’t played much in the area so open to anything.