A thread for the Texas folks

Anyone in DFW taken lessons that they would endorse? Asking as an 18 handicap who has dreams of breaking 90 with regularity

I took lessons this summer from Tiana Jones out at cedar crest. She did a great job and has a great job back ground.

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I used to take lessons at Hank Haney’s when I was in Dallas and really liked my instructor.


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Stephen Aumock at Glen Eagles.


Good dude, everything is done with trackman and hes pretty easy going.

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Hey everyone! Just hopped on to the Refuge–been lurking for awhile now, but I figured it was time to #GetInvolved. Originally from the Pittsburgh, PA area but the Marine Corps has landed me down near Corpus Christi. I am getting ready to move out to California in January so I will probably be bouncing around the local community forums here shortly, but I figured I’d give you all a shoutout and say hello.

I’ve lived in Texas for about 3.5 years so y’all probably have much better insight to the state’s golf offering. The nicer courses I’ve played down here though are:

  • Palmilla Beach Golf in Port A
  • The Quarry in San Antonio
  • La Cantera Palmer Course in San Antonio
  • Slick Rock, Apple Rock, and Ram Rock at Horseshoe Bay
  • Terra Vista in Austin

Anyway, look forward to chatting with everyone here. Cheers!


Great short course too. $5 to play all day is hard to beat

I started out taking lessons from Amy Fox in Mansfield at Tierra Verde, she used to be a golf digest Top 100 female instructors and all that. She got me from about an 18 several years ago down to a 10-12 (probably could have been a lot lower if not for my lack of practice). I haven’t been working with her as much anymore just because Where she os located isn’t as convenient and I feel a lot more comfortable working on my own swing now. I’m down to about a an 8.1 but she worked with what I had going and didn’t try to rebuild it but build on my natural move, which I think was extremely helpful.

My advice with any instructor, which isn’t worth much, is that they all get technical and Don’t be afraid to just tell them to dumb it down, and simplify it. They will and that’s what really helps




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I’m going to be in DFW for a couple of days for work in late January.

I’m thinking if I can time up flights correctly, I might be able to sneak in an afternoon round of golf upon arrival or the day I am about to leave.

Here are my questions for the DFW folks:

  1. Is the weather decent enough in late January to play?
  2. Are there any courses near DFW airport that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

DFW in January produces many great days for golf. There will also be several " No way in Hell " days. Sometimes during the same week. Start checking the weather apps about ten days out to see if clubs are needed.
Courses near DFW, I would recommend Texas Star $ 60 weekday, Grapevine golf course $ 50… $ 35 walking or Cowboys Golf Club $$$ all inclusive ( cart, food, non alcoholic drinks )

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Thanks gkeephr. I’m going to book flights that give me the chance to play and cross my fingers. For someone in Montana, any golf in January would be good golf!

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Others depending on how much you want to spend:
Old American ($$$) where they play the LPGA tournament
Tribute ($$) - Replicas of famous links holes, in the winter when its all dormant its as close as you can get in middle of the country with huge bounces on the fairways and pretty firm greens since they redid them


Agree with @bored_6m’s recos, Texas Rangers Golf Course ($$) is also really fun, about 15-20 minutes south the airport. Lots of width especially on the front nine, some risk/reward tee shots, and a few wild green complexes. Firm and fast too with no rough, just some native areas and only a few tree-lined holes on the back nine.

once you are back from injury lets get out there.

I’m playing again, may not be the best decision but feeling a little better. Let’s get out in January.

Rangers course is great. Played out there a couple of weeks ago in a tourney (got smoked, had fun)

I am in and out of the office for the rest of the year, so if anyone wants to sneak away at some point next week I am pretty sure I can make something work then too.

We may or may not be parting ways with our office manager today so I think I am going to be pretty tied up work wise for the next six weeks until our new one can start. Weekends though