2024 Texas Cup (Sign up on 1/1 @ 1:00)

Mark your calendars! The Texas Cup tradition continues April 5th - 7th, 2024 at Pine Dunes in Frankston, Texas. Once again, 12-man teams from the Metroplex, Houston, and Austin/San Antonio will play foursomes, fourball, and singles in a Ryder Cup style match. Your captains this year are: myself (Houston), @omarmjhd (Austin), and @Insulin_And_Bogeys (Dallas).

Signups will begin in in January on a first come, first serve basis. However, it’s the refuge, so there’s always a turnover rate. Don’t be afraid to waitlist. Last year, I was 4 or 5 on the waitlist and still got in for Houston.

As always, the charitable contributions will be first and foremost, and any help obtaining donations would be greatly appreciated. Last year we raised $3109 and this year our goal is to raise an ambitious $5000 for a charity picked by last year’s winner, Austin.

This is a really fun event and I encourage anyone that hasn’t come out before to sign up. Great group of guys and some great competition will be had. Austin looks to continue their win streak, while Houston is already a lock for the party champions.


Here’s a video from last year’s Texas Cup with a banger of a soundtrack courtesy of @HellerHighwater:


The NLU TEXAS CUP into the masters. Very nice!

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Let’s goooooo.

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Gents, semi related question that is probably answered elsewhere, but I’m dumb (and lazy). Which of the 87 Texas roosts claims El Paso?

I’d think they could probably choose between STROHs and Dry Heat, which I think includes NM. Would be pretty far from most events either way.


Houston. We will claim El Paso. After all, we are only a PJ away from Lajitas.


Technically the STROH’s territory extends to the rest of Central and South America.

Good thing we’re so darn hospitable!


Roost manifest destiny!


“Austin/San Antonio”, tyvm.

We’re over here just collecting trophies.


Austin/San Antonio/Pinehurst.


Do I not bleed breakfast tacos? Have I not sat on 1604? Have I not been passed by a truck with two mattresses on 410?


Which team will Jodi play for?

I’m new here (and also from DFW) so forgive my ignorance, but will sign-ups be opened for this with an announcement here in this thread?

We’ll be dropping the sign up date and the charity between now and the end of the year. Sign ups should be sometime in the first week of 2024.


Just saw this, but if you or anyone you know in EP is looking for a roost, come over to @DryHeat. I’d love a travel buddy

Are you in EP? I’m likely moving there this summer.

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Las Cruces, which is just 45 mins up the road.

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Thoughts and prays for this… :hot_face::hot_face:

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Yeah, we visited EP in June and it atrocious.