2023 STROH's Muni Tour Championship - Brenham CC - June 24th 2023

Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? At least, that’s what they told us when we decided to start a Roost spanning 3 of the 4 largest metro areas in the state. Undeterred, the South Texas Roost Of Hospitality was born! Did we choose the name with much reason? Sure did, definitely didn’t backronym it based on a brewery founded 250 years ago in Detroit, and broken up in the early 2000s, nope, definitely not that!

Nothing to do with the plentiful amounts of old beer/brewery merch that can be found on eBay!

So, now you’ve got a bunch of golf sickos, in a Bermuda [grass] Triangle of sorts, spanning a nearly 450-mile round-trip loop. How do we get everyone to compete on a fair playing ground without traveling hundreds of miles for 18 holes? From this, our Muni Tour was born.

Two Municipal golf courses in each city, six in total, rounds posted asynchronously by our players, and a leaderboard to track which Stroh is leading the charge. Well now you’ve got a season-long contest, but we’re not those filthy Brits who finish their season and declare a winner, we’re Americans, and in America, we have PLAYOFFS.

FedEx cup anyone? Shadow leaderboards? One round to decide it all? Truly, the American way. The Muni Tour Championship was born. Remember that Bermuda Triangle from earlier? Yeah about that……organizing an event that is logistically feasible for all Roost members is….complicated. But we’ve found a home in Brenham Country Club. Just between Houston and College Station, Brenham CC is that old-school, neighborhood kind of club. The routing is divine, if a bit confusing (just ask @Jdonelson and @ChiefGardenfire how many times we almost played the wrong hole), the staff is incredibly welcoming, and the conditioning is top-notch. We’d found our home. 2022 was our first crack at it, and now we’re back, this time with more @STROHS!

When: 6/24/2023, tee times starting at 10am

Where: Brenham Country Club (https://www.brenhamcc.com/), Brenham, Texas

Format: Net Stableford game with an added comp for STROH’s members with extra points based on their Muni Tour Standings (ala FedEx Cup)

Price: $125, includes Golf, Sidegames (Net/Gross Skins, CTP and Long Drives), post round food and drinks

So come on out to join us on June 24th!



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In case it’s not abundantly clear, we’d love to have other Roosts come join us for the day. Airport travel isn’t the super-easiest - Brenham is about an hour from IAH, and 75-90 minutes from Hobby and Austin airports. But Brenham is a great little Texas town, and AirBnbs are plentiful. Fly in the day before, meet some folks and have some texas cooking (and maybe play a practice round?), and catch a late flight home on the 24th.

@bigplex and @supercell can TOTALLY make it with a single overnight, or at least without having to fly.


6/24 is GAC IV for the @BigPlex folks.


Competing events in Texas. We need to coordinate in ‘24


Can someone help me out here.

I’m new to the Refuge this year. I know nothing about STROH or how to join/sign up. I’m interested in playing in this event. Is it open? Do I need to join STROH?

I live in Dallas and the event here filled up quickly. Going to make the weekend trip down to play this if it works out.

I signed up on the google doc.


I’m in the same boat.


Copying what I sent @goinbananas in a DM:

First off, welcome to the Refuge! It’s a magically chaotic and entertaining place hahaha. We’re happy to have you out at the Muni Tour Championship, the event is open to anyone in the community. The STROH’s member question is just to see how many players from our Roost are playing vs out of towners.

If you’re not familiar with the Roost’s concept, they’re basically like local chapters of NLU folks that have a variety of different events/competitions, I know there’s one in Dallas (Big Plex) and then STROH’s is the one that covers Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. This thread is a great start: Roost Roll Call

Happy to have you join our Roost’s discord in order to keep up with the goings on of our events and the MTC itself! STROH’s

Let me know if you’ve got any other questions!

- Omar

Awesome thanks! I filled out the sheet to sign up and have my deposit in. My wife and I are just going to confirm we are good to go and find a place to stay, then I’ll finalize the full payment.

Can’t wait!


I left this one off the major schedule on insta - didn’t see it had popped up this week. My bad! Will get it on there next go around.


Heads up gang, we’ve snagged a couple Airbnb’s for guys that may want to come out Friday and play a practice round! Sign up for them on the spreadsheet!