YOTB Presents: The Blade Challenge

Good morning, Refugees. We’re going to start a new thread here because YOTB can be very difficult to jump into what with the volume from my dumb ass fellow blade enthusiasts.

The idea for this contest started as all good things do, with @RobertHunter’s genius on full display:

The initial idea behind YOTB was solely to get me to enjoy playing golf again. It’s since morphed into meaning a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but the original idea remains: have fun playing golf and defy the goons that think just because you’re not Tiger Woods that you should be playing trampoline ass game improvement irons. In that spirit, I have decided to co opt Bob’s fantastic turn of phrase and make it a contest of sorts.

What: The Blade Challenge is a full round, blades only, in an attempt to shoot your lowest gross score possible.

Why: Because you can flex on all bladers and non bladers alike with your talents and accomplishments.

The Rules (subject to change with peer review):

  1. Remove all the non-blade clubs out of your bag. No drivers, no woods, no driving iron, no game improvement “4 iron” just in case. Your blades, your wedges, your putter. That’s your bag for the day.
  2. I am removing any recommendation for yardage. It’s important to remember that the one rule of all of YOTB is don’t be a dick about it. If you want to puff up your chest about breaking 80 on a lie, you gotta live with that, not me. See @RobertHunter s posts below for any additional clarification you may need on yardage.
  3. On that token, there will be three requirements and they will be open to the public and, potentially, scrutiny. To qualify:
    You must post a picture of your bag that day
    You must post a picture of your card.
    Tag me in the post.
  4. There will be some sort of prize for this. I am currently working on a logo and we’ll go from there. Shirt, hat, sticker, something. But there will be a badge of some sort delivered to you to show all of your people who the real king is.
  5. We will be opening this up to everyone because we acknowledge that breaking 80 on it’s own can be a challenge. So we will also have 90 and 100 challenges. But the same basic rule will govern all: don’t be a dick about it. If you’re a plus handicap and you ‘break 100’ from 5,200 I will not be sending you anything and I will mock you.

So that’s the Blade Challenge. Many of us are already out playing, so this opens today until the end of the year. We will keep an open leaderboard, but only I will be able to edit it. Gotta verify.

Good luck and good bladin’, friends.

Oh and open to any suggestions as well. Thanks.




Struggle to break 90 with a full set from 6400, but definitely in on this for the 90/100 challenge.


Probably going to try this this weekend now.


It’s important to remember that it’s open to everyone and we’ll stagger the ‘tiers’ accordingly. One thing we talked about was doing:

Platinum: Break 70 (and you get a Stone Cold Stunner from me)
Gold: Break 80
Silver: Break 90
Bronze: Break 100

Again, all I ask is I will be paying for all of this, so if you think you can break 90 and you shoot 92, please fire away at 90 a few more times before making me send you something. Hahahaha.


Let’s go!

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I was kind of on the fence but now I’m fully in.


Oh boy oh boy oh boy.


I swear to god, holeout.


No scumminess here. Hell, the longest iron I carry is 5,so this will be even more of a challenge.

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Looks like I’m in.


Think we should mix this in someway in June either before or after The Tussle for anyone that’s wants to give it a go then too.

Smashed that mf’ing tracking button on this one.


Shoutout Bonaventure Golf!


Incredible idea.


I will have @chill by my side for this. We’ll send updates.

Howeva, I will need to get my short game sorted before I can even realistically imagine this happening.


I have a life long goal for myself to bowl a 300, make a hole in one, and hit a grand slam in slow pitch softball. If I accomplish this goal can you send me something?


YOTB aka “In case golf isn’t hard enough for you”

JK. I love the enthusiasm. I’m in.


Ready to throw my MP33 3 iron and some old rusty 2 iron in the bag and give it a go. Definitely going to need to take those two clubs to the range because it’s been a minute since I’ve hit them


Buy your plane ticket now, he’s gonna get this by next week.