Wolf in the Wasatch - Sept 12th - Midway, UT

Welcome to the inaugural “Wolf in the Wasatch” - a 36 hole Wolf Hammer tournament at Solider Hollow GC in Midway UT.

Details are as follow:
When - September 12th 2021 - first tee time is 8:15
Where - Solider Hollow GC in Midway, UT - Gold course AM, Silver course PM
Cost - $100 - this covers green fees, carts, tee gift + donation to Utah First Tee - you must be paid in full by Sept 9th to confirm spot (DM me @Diabolical for venmo/paypal info)
Format - 36 hole accumulative point Wolf Hammer Tournament (more info below)
Prizes - There will be bottles of High West whiskey for KP’s, Pacifico beer for long drives, Trophy + bragging rights for winner, and possible surprise goodies for DFL
Field Size - 16 - first come, first serve
Lunch + drinks - On your own - we should have a little over an hour between when the last group gets in from the morning round and the first tee time of the afternoon round. I chatted with the manager at S.H. Grill and decided it would be better and easier if everyone got to order what they wanted and should have plenty of time.

A refresher on the history + scoring for Wolf Hammer:
Wolf Hammer - Golf’s Most Dangerous Game

It will be NET scoring for points/junk - (ex: if you are stroking on a par 4 - you go fairway, GIR, and 3 putt for 5 net 4 you would get a point for a Hogan. On the same hole, if you miss the fairway but go GIR and 3 putt for 5 net 4, you could win the hole with your par but would NOT get a point for a Hogan) This will be further explained before tee off. Every cart will have a printed list of the rules + Junk dots.

Sign up below

If you’ve never played Soldier Hollow here are a few shots of whats in store


Mr. @Diabolical I am just so proud! This sounds like an absolute blast.

@Randy road trip? I feel the intense excitement as I write this. Think about all the things we could talk about!

In all seriousness, I’m very much thinking about making this happen.


Sounds awesome! If that wasn’t Year of the Blade Meetup weekend I’d totally be cashing in some SkyMiles for a UT getaway.

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Hate that for us, but totally understand - hope you pure 'em!


Signed up. Come on over @Privatecollection and @Randy !!!


Oh my god! Finally an event in the Wasatch! Really wanna make this happen, but I’ve gotta see if I can get work off…


Would love to have the legend that is Big Randal join, but unfortunately Solider Hollow is much too public for @Randy to make the trip. :broken_heart:


Shout out to @TheSwimmingPool’s better half for the event logo


Wish I could make it. I’m going to be out of town that weekend.

Get out there folks! Soldier Hollow is a class facility. Gorgeous courses, great people! This is going to be awesome.


If I move into my new house before the 12th, I’m definitely in for a little road trip. An easy 8 hour drive across the ole mountain range.


I, for one, am excited about the first place trophy. It’s not exactly a hammer, but it is better.


Hope everyone participating in this one has a great round on Sunday. Appreciate you putting it together, @Diabolical!


We may have to get you out to Utah for the next one @Tron

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Tee sheet is full. Gifts are prepped. Irons are cleaned.

Let’s go launch em’


Bring some warm gear, should be a bit chilly in the morning. Let’s have a day out there


Just want to say thank you to everyone that came out and joined for the first Wolf in the Wasatch. Appreciate everyone’s patience and support.

A huge thanks to @Tron, @Double_Bogey_Dave, and @Privatecollection for their support of the event, literally couldn’t have done it without them. We were able to donate a couple hundred dollars to the Utah First Tee and have a damn good time while doing it.

I learned that next time I probably shouldn’t host and play in the event, as I forgot to take any pictures of our winners… so shout you to:

Jeremy Forster: over all winner with a commanding total of 124 WHP
@wild-bill-13 : for being an absolute unit and stocking the shit out of his liquor cabinet with both long drives and a KP on Silver in the afternoon (reports of a tough scene when he couldn’t convert the 5’ putt for birdie - luckily he can drown his sorrows in High West)
@WaterOnMars : STOUT KP on Gold in the morning sticking it to 35’ on the 201 yd 17th straight into a stiff breeze.

And a very respectable DFL award to Abby Cayhill - she got put in a body bag by going Lone Wolf not once, but twice on Silver in the afternoon. You have to respect the courage of digging yourself a deeper hole.

I have finally made it through some of the images I shot while out on course (thanks to everyone for not firing any strays while I was down range). I will email out a link to everyone to go through them, but a few of my favorites below.

Thanks again to everyone, had a blast and hope to tee it up again before the snow falls.

@wild-bill-13 launching iron on the first tee well past most drivers

Timps flexing

The early walk back firing on @WaterOnMars

Co-host @TheSwimmingPool questioning his choice to fire hybrid off the tee on a par five.

Wolf in the Wasatch 2021 Champ Jeremy Forster decidedly not laying up on 18 en route to slamming the door.


Amazing work, my friend! The next one…I’m there.

Go team!

P.S I heard the scorecards were sick!


It was a a blast. Thanks for putting it on. I flew too close to the sun with my wolf points before burning it all to the ground in the afternoon but it was the best day I’ve had in a long time. @Diabolical


Looks like a primo weather day was had!

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