Wisconsin Refugee Meetup 9/20/20

This was also posted in Roll Call: Wisconsin, but wanted to get this out there for potentially more to see.

Cliff notes version of the below:

Playing Lawsonia Links 9/20/20 in the early afternoon (exact time TBD based on response). Walking is $95 and riding is $98.50 according to the website, which makes no damn sense, but I don’t make the rules.

Sign up, meet some fellow refugees, have fun, play golf. What more is there to ask?


I’ll sign up but only after some other people because I’m not putting my handicap next to a 1.7.


Just put your name in row 6 or something, I won’t judge.

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Looks like the spreadsheet is View only. Or opening on my phone is screwing with me.

Whoops, better now?


@VenkmansLament You can go now, there’s at least one person in between you and the 1.7. I can safely say my handicap is not accurate… Not when it is counting a score from 2017… I need to get out more…

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Pretty sure that’s the motto of basically this entire board except maybe Mrs. @BaxterMSP


I’ll sign up tentatively as it seems like the Barn Burner in KC may be that weekend, but they have nothing finalized.

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The bar has been lowered (or raised depending on how you look at it).

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the eight hour drive might be a little much…dang it

Guise, we are currently at 12 and looking to finalize some numbers by the end of the weekend if possible, so if you still want in be sure that you sign up.