Waveland Breakfast Ball Club: 2024 (Chicago, IL)

Stats here get your stats here. @tmstrods and @TheAbeFroman are in a battle for first, read all about it!

11 weeks in and a slow cloudy Friday gave me some time to put everything together.


August 17 is the Thursday of the BMW right? We should get more tee times that day. We could even see if we get 9 and could do a shotgun. Danny I could get to Mel about it.

I believe @Tron expressed interest and some others that’ll be around could be as well.

Spread the good word of breakfast club. Sunrise refuge meet up :heart_eyes:


@djheadley slightly embarrassed for even noticing this but I think you’re missing my tilt score from week 6 on the official leaderboard. I have 6 rounds logged but only 5 scores showing in the table. Hopefully will improve my playoff standing!!


Need a sub for next week, added it to the google sheet.

Updated! My bad for some reason it was aging you played week 6 in 1996


haha, feels like that long ago! thanks

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You can delete my Week 6.


@Wheel i can sub!

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All yours. Thanks!

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Thought about playing a “quick” 9 tomorrow. Solid selection of tee times.


Doing 630 at Marquette with a buddy if single or 2 are open. I can get you on way.

Need a sub for this week: Breakfast Ball 2023 - Google Sheets
Venmo: Ryan-Bartell-4

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Sent you a Venmo @Wheel

@djheadley can I get a later tee time if possible please? (I realize I’m subbing, so if I have to be early, that’s ok too). Thanks!

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Yeah of course!

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Let’s kick off the second longest day of the year with tee times for week 12!

We have one open spot this week so if you know if anyone who wants to wake up too early to play golf it’s first come first serve.

5:03: @deliroustim teddy ballgame @WillyK @Cswartz
5:10 myself, @tmstrods @TheAbeFroman @Wyclef
5:17 @Kbergen28 @Setwilli @Gottliebk12 @Mr.Sunday


I’ll jump in.


Perfect. You can take @rmbartell ’s spot. We still have one more opening to replace @Lockwoodj14

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@Tron i think 9 tee times would be tough for that Thursday, getting a full 3 groups is sometimes hard enough.

I could get 1-2 extra tee times for that week if any of the NLU crew would like to come out and play. Probably looking at a 6am tee time for the first group.


A ways off from getting plans dialed for BMW week, when do tee times open up?

3 weeks out so last week of July