Vibestock 2021 - Pre Event Raffle (DRAWING NOW!)

As with other Refuge Events we will be hosting a raffle to support our two great charities (SwingPals and The Joe Niekro Foundation) with all proceeds going to their causes because of the generous prize donations from fellow Nesticles.

Details on the charitites can be found in @Fluff first post in the vibestock thread:

Drawing Date:

  • Wednesday, September 29th (Timing TBD but expect 8 or 9 PM ET)

Ticket Pricing:

  • 1 ticket for $5
  • 5 tickets for $20
  • 15 tickets for $50
  • 40 tickets for $100

Entry Method:

  1. DM @tylernichols91 with the subject line “Vibestock Raffle - Your Username” (yes I expect one or everyone to make the I state your name joke)
  2. In body of message include the number of tickets you request, your preferred payment method (Paypal or Venmo), and your associated username for payment platform
  3. I will request the amount from you on the payment platform and your ticket will be logged once payment is received. Confirmation of payment + logging will be sent in DM response
  4. Ticket request will be accepted up until midnight on the 28th

Other Details:

  • You do not need to be attending Vibestock to enter the raffle
  • Prize cooridination will be done directly with the donator
  • Ticket pricing is done on a per-purchase basis (e.g., 3 purchases of 5 tickets will be $60 vs buying 15 tickets up front for $50)

If you would like to donate to the raffle DM me and we can get your item add to the list!


Vibestock Raffle Prize Pool:

  • Most Fun You Can Have with Your Clothes On: Foursome at the Cradle (via @westerj12)

  • Baton Rouge - All on Red: BB&F Co. 7 Piece “Roulette” Ferrule Set (via @tylernichols91)

  • Bombing Run: Club Champion - Driver Fitting(via Club Champion)

  • The Most Famous Refuge Wedge: “The MILF Hunter” (via @skibum232 )

  • Business Casual: Tie Dye Polo (Size TBD) (via @skibum232 )

  • So Fresh and So Clean: White NLU Pullover (Size TBD) (via @Fluff)

  • The Refuge’s Favorite Vibey Bag: Ping Moonlite Tropic (via @Fluff)

  • Casual Vibing: Just Vibing T-Shirt (Size TBD) (via @Fluff)

  • Most Used Tool In Your Bag: Precision Pro NX9 Slope (via @LukeBoatright)

  • Never Hurts to Have Another: White / Blue NLU Towel (via @tylernichols91 )

  • The Coolest Beer Around: Vibin IPA from Bench Top Brewing (via @westerj12)

  • @Fluff 's Premium Balls: 1 Dozen Premium Balls of Your Choice (via @Fluff )

  • The Business Man: Black NLU Gator ScoreCard Holder(via @Harper )

  • The Purp: Purple and White NLU Polo from Holderness and Bourne (Size XL) (via @tylernichols91

  • We Won a Zoo: Passes to NC Zoo (4 admission tickets 8 Fun passes) (via @grizzly224 )

  • Instant Admission to YOTB Cult: Hogan Radial Blades (via @JamesHCard )

  • Longer and Straighter: 1 Dozen Bridgestone Balls (via @OTPLefty )

  • @JCO Special: 1 Dozen TP5 or TP5x Balls (via @Big_RanDeer )

  • Keep The Party Going: Vibin’ Bar Sign (via @NightTrainLane )

  • 3 on 1: Tee time on Pinehurst #1 and post round refreshments (via @BrooklynAJ )

  • The Devil’s Honey: Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey from Honey Hole of the Blue Ridge (via @Are_you_double_D )

  • The Essentials: Southern Pines Brewing Silipint, Pint Koozie and Sticker (via @rkris )

  • The ScreenSaver: Polo from Sunday Swagger (Size Medium but runs snug) (Via @Big_RanDeer ).

  • Light Reading: 4 Golfers Journal Magazines (Via @avess)

  • COOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDD BEER: Richmond Beer Pack #1 (via @Smidler)

  • COOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDD BEER: Richmond Beer Pack #2 (via @Smidler)

  • Hot Hot Hot: Leather 3 Wood Cover (via @drv4show)

  • The Dress Code: NLU Snapback (via @GeneralQuinn )

  • Send It: 3 Boxes of Western Birch Towels (via @avess)

  • The Lover: Sunfish Peace ScoreCard Holder (via @FrequentFader)

  • Keep Em Clean: Custom Tie Dye Towel with Vibestock Embroidery (via @EZmiss)

  • Buffalo Trace Bottle #1 (Via @westerj12)

  • Buffalo Trace Bottle #2 (Via @westerj12)

  • Larceny Single Barrel (Via @westerj12)

  • The Coolest Ace: Pins&Aces Tie Dye Polo (Size Medium - scroll for pic) (via @mintbucket)

  • Floppy Noodle #1: Lag Shot Training Aid (via @TB3Golf)

  • Floppy Noodle #2: Lag Shot Training Aid (via @TB3Golf)

  • Floppy Noodle #3: Lag Shot Training Aid (via @TB3Golf)

  • Play like a Pro: Group of 3 at Sedgefield with @miketerps08 (via @miketerps08 )


The NLU scorecard holder isn’t coming from me. Don’t want to steal someone’s credit for their donation

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Thanks! Your item was first on list so copied a bunch and then did edits. Missed one. Appreciate it and the items

Ok guys - I had to really negotiate with the bosses but i’ve got a great deal for y’all. If we get to $2000 of raffle entries - The tournament organizers are willing to comp one (1) entry to Vibestock. That’s $150 value (probably even more based on the company attending) for possibly as low as a $5 entry.




Working on a special 1 of 1 to put in the raffle if it turns out. If not, I’ll put in some beer or bourbon too


I’m going to donate at least 1 bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon and a Larceny single barrel bourbon. Can be together or separate, your choice. I’ll donate as many bottles of BT I can get my hands on this week. Should be 3 or 4 but I’ll know more tomorrow


Making a strong case for Refuge MVP. Thank you!

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Hell yeah. Thanks so much!

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And this. I’m not a scotch fan and it’s going to just sit in my whiskey cabinet forever if I don’t give it away.


Adding the OG Vibes towel to the raffle with some special embroidery to remember the vibes we found along the way. Is the tie dye done perfectly? No, but that’s part of the journey, man.


Love it and thank you!

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Good Vibes light is ready for the raffle


I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who’s donated but please buy tickets or we’re going to have to give three items to each of our current ticket holders


Just DM’d you. I’m ready to win another vibestock raffle.


Is this a must be present at Vibestock to win situation?


Nope! All are welcome. Raffle will take place in this thread.

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