Trap Draw: 90’s Action Movies

Losers whine about doing their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen!

How in the name of zeus butthole did you get out of this cell.

I’ll take pleasure in guttin’ you.

I love that movie.


@MerchCzar my restaurant is doing a Cage/Travolta series where we are cooking along to their movies. Culminating in Face/Off. It was supposed to be in June but that’s not looking likely. We’re in Williamsburg so it’s local for you. Let me know if you want in!

Very good, but brick not hit back!

I loved bloodsport and kickboxer. Probably seen them each like 75 times

I can’t see an H1 Hummer without saying to myself “I’m only borrowing your humvee”. Great to hear one of my favourite movies talked about.

The note about one liners is on point too, that’s what makes it a classic action movie.
“Stick around” in Predator always kills me:

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Hot take here. Late 90’s are not the golden age of action movies. I heard that comment and stopped listening because it is such a poor opinion. Also, the audio quality was horrid, what is this the SGS?

It starts around 1985 and fizzles our around 1994.

Personally it starts with Cobra in 1985 and ends with the hilariously perfect spoof of this golden era of film with Last Action Hero in 1994.

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What are your top picks from your golden age? I’m updating my watch list or most likely rewatch list.

Some of my favorites are the 80’s cop action, both Beverly Hills and Lethal Weapon.

Lethal Weapon series
Die Hard until they got bad
True Lies
Last Action Hero
Total Recall
Running Man
First Blood II
Demolition Man
Point Break
Under Siege
Universal Soldier

I’m probably missing a ton.


Replacement Killers
Stone Cold
Above the Law

Oh yeah all great stuff. Thank you for that response.

I know Gibson is shunned now, but he is still one of my favorites.


Seagal was great in his heyday.

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We can enjoy Mel for his previous contributions.

I did not include enough Seagal.

Just started The Rock with the Missus. She proceeded to ask me…”is that the one with Sinead O’Connor?”…

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I agree, I like some of his later stuff too. Edge of Darkness is a good one.

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The Alcatraz staff do not appreciate questions related to the movie.

Edge of Darkness added to queue, thanks.

Such a great podcast. I remember watching all those movies as a teenager and absolutely loving them. The rock and Face Off were the GOATs of that v specific genre.

I laughed when @MerchCzar said ronin was the original Italian job. I think the original Italian job was the original Italian Job. Also I think those car chases really fed into Bourne Identity.


Last action hero was such a great/ ridiculous movie.

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It holds up exceptionally well.

They missed my favorite moment of over-acting in the whole movie:

General Al Kramer: What’s it going to take to equip a flight of F-18s with thermite plasma within the next thirty-six hours?
General Peterson: An act of God.



Light bulb: I’m going to pull off a Rona double feature of these 2 and revel in the genius and insanity

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I watched the trailer of the rock tonight and it is unbelievable. Just pure 90s. Definitely gonna watch both this week some time.