Trap Draw: 90’s Action Movies

I enjoyed the nostalgia of this episode. So many great memories of tuesday new release days at the video store.

Only issues was @MerchCzar slightly knocking National Treasure while they covered Cage’s career. I know it’s garbage, but it is a guilty pleasure. Haha.

Also, no mention of the other TC, Tom Cruise, and the MI series. Doesn’t fit their category, but he puts out quality action.


Just queued this bad boy up!


LoL The Rock was the first thing that came to mind. 90s were like cat nip for this type of movie

Con Air?

Yeah they discussed a bunch, some listed below…

  1. The Rock
  2. Ronin
  3. Executive Decision
  4. Air Force One
  5. Face/Off
  6. Con Air
  7. Heat

Will check it out asap.

I think Face/Off is underrated on that list.

Loved it at the the time, so over the top, but in a great way.

Man, no… Sudden Death? :slight_smile:


Need to watch the first three of those.

Ironically, similarly to @MerchCzar and the rock (if I’m remembering correctly), Face/Off was my first rated R movie. Was a scary but good one to start off with as a 9 year old.

They qualified it as late 90s and sudden death was a little early. I loved that movie too. Powers Booth was a good villain.

1995? Bah. But okay.

In similar vein, True Lies should have made the list but was 1994.


I would imagine those slo mo John Woo shots create some drama for a 9 year old.

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I really liked some of Van Damme’s stuff. Double Impact was a favorite of mine. Bad ass twin with the slicked hair.

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I’m just upset we didn’t get to Con Air quotes…

“Put the bunny back in the box…”

I totally forgot about this! Those were the days. Ironically my wife was cleaning the other day and found my old blockbuster card. No clue how it ended up in that drawer. Our Blockbuster closed two houses ago, so I’ve apparently moved my Blockbuster card twice. haha.

I had a boss give this movie to me as a Christmas gift in like 2005. I was like why the f would you give me this?

Hahahaha that’s great. Sounds like he regifted something that had been collecting dust on his shelf for years.

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Huge Bloodsport fan. I would tune in everytime it was on Spike.


I figured it was either that or he got it from the value bin at Wal Mart. He got everyone in our department a different movie and they were all weird. But now it’s sitting on a shelf in the wrapper collecting dust until I regift it someday. It’s going to be great in 10 years when I give someone a DVD and they don’t have a DVD player. haha.

Still watch it when it’s on. And my MIL got it for me on Blu-ray for Christmas a while back!

Nice! I just turned it on.

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