Tourist Sauce: The Carolinas

The NLU Insta Story currently is teasing the location of the next season of Tourist Sauce. I’ve never driven this road, but it appears to be the entrance to Sea Island.

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I’m guessing it’s a general SE USA. Some combination of Sea Island, Kiawah, Pinehurst, Hilton Head, and maybe Myrtle Beach could be included. The next page of the story had Secession GC which is private, but is near both Kiawah and Hilton Head.


Very cool, looking forward to this one, although hope it doesn’t get slammed for following Ireland which is in a league of its own. Probably just coastal South Carolina- my chalk guess at 7 courses: HHI- Harbour Town, Atlantic Dunes; Charleston -Kiawah Ocean, Cassique (private); Myrtle- Caledonia, Tru Blue, The Dunes.

Secession def better than Atlantic Dunes, but private. May River and Fripp Island would be good lesser known public access options near HHI that are fantastic.

This is the entrance to Secession Golf club. It is located in Lady’s Island, South Carolina. Great track, walking only, and can vary how you play it based on the tides. I am a local to the area and played it a good bit and its a lot of fun.


I know they’re filming a new TS season in Pinehurst the week of 11/9 – doing some resort courses as well as a few off resort if the plan is still the same.

I think Lady’s Island is near Beaufort, SC If I remember right. I go to Harbor Island near Beaufort frequently and this seems familiar.

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Looking more like a South Carolina season than a Sea Island season.

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Prob up the coast line…A lot of potential good stops.

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They are also going to Pinehurst. Looks like it could be TS: The Carolinas


Maybe a Carolinas season?


Very true. That would make more sense.

aka God’s Country


I think this could get a lot of traction from a content standpoint. At least for me, the global Tourist Sauces are so ethereal. Never been there. Likely may get to go once in my life. So my ability to contribute to the conversation is limited to: Yep, that looks awesome.

I bet there will be a lot of “opinions” and input on these because so many people have and can play them.


Comparing the international TS seasons to domestic ones is like comparing apples and oranges. They are going to be vastly different simply because the golf and culture is so different.


I wonder how many strantz courses they plan on playing. Tobacco Road seems right up their alley, and what’s the other one called, Tot Hill Farm? I feel like I hear a lot of good things about that one as well.

I hope the guys don’t have to deal with the tropical storm that is coming. Looks like the Carolinas are going to get soaked

correct, another is Tot Hill Farm, but hes got a few more down in SC that will probably make TS before THF does

I think California was actually my favorite so far. I’m pumped for another US season. These are courses that are much easier to get to, and seem a little more like the golf I play. It seems a little more attainable. I took a day trip to Pasatiempo, for example. I can’t do that with courses in Ireland and Scotland.


That’s why you wait and do a sicko trip to those places with them

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Yeah these guys have absolutely no trouble creating intrigue out of just about anything. Even if they went and played the most lifeless, soul sucking, bland, uninteresting itinerary of Nicklaus, Norman, and Fazio courses I bet I’d still enjoy the season. The Combination of their hijinks, course history, and local stories is a recipe for success.