Tourist Sauce, Season 1

We’re three episodes into season 1 of Tourist Sauce. If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet, here are the three links:

Episode 1: Pack Your Traj

Episode 2: The Chain Gang

Episode 3: The Forced Carry

Curious to get your guys thoughts on the series so far. We are about to set out to film Season 2, and would love your input on anything we could potentially shift around or try to do differently this next go around. Any and all comments are appreciated!


SO SO good. Love the length and could even do a little longer because #content overload. Not sure if I’m in the majority here, but more footage on course would be amaing


Love it. I think they should be 10-15 minutes since it’s once a week but overall they have been incredible. MORE MORE MORE!

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Yeah. Don’t change a thing, just give us more. They’re awesome.


Love the series so far. My only suggestion would be to add a few minutes of local flavor content off the courses.


I’m all in with everyone else. I could take way more of this type of content.

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Thats Whats Up! Great job guys #wewatchinthis

Don’t change a thing with season 2. It’s en fuego. Muy muy muy bien.

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Second this - would love more #content about the local hang - bars, restaurants, vibe etc.

In relation to the on course stuff, it would be cool to see some more examples of the kinds of things that come up in the reviews to camera afterwards. Drone shots are cool, but if there is a crazy green throw a ball down and show us, if a particular bunker is #DAF we need footage of someone trying to play out of it. You can run a 5 iron in from 130 using the slopes? Great - film someone trying to do it.

This is nitpicking, overall its been great with a nice on/off course balance. Also refreshing to see some stuff that isn’t a snooze fest 18 hole vlog, or a “review” of the course. You know that we know Kingston Heath is good. The understanding of your audience’s knowledge is great and hopefully never to be lost!


It’s all excellent so far, no complaints at all. Like everyone else has already said, give me more!

I would second the recommendations to include more about the local scene - touristy stuff, restaurants, bars, hangouts, awesome sights, etc. What is there to do outside of the 4-5 hours at the course? I imagine most people don’t fly across the world to just play golf the entire time. I’d think most like to experience the city and culture as well.

Yep, this is definitely something we’re conscious of for season 2. You’ll also see a bit more of this in episodes 5-8 in season 1 as well.

Thanks all for the feedback, keep it coming!


I’ve been loving it. It helps that I went to Melbourne and played RMW, Vic, Metro, and St. Andrews Beach about a month after you all did. The series has been a great way to bring back memories of my own trip, and kick myself for not biting the bullet and heading to Tasmania for a couple days.

I love this series! The more content like this the better. This kind of content along with the features that were done for Streamsong and the Winter Park GC, A+ content. More videos like that!!

Loving it Soly. I think you really captured the excitement of the guys on departing for the trip and arriving at your destinations/courses. I agree with the others that a bit more local sights and nightlife content would be good but by the sounds of it there wasn’t much time for anything else but golf in Melbourne or Tassie. A bit longer would be great too. Keep em coming. BTW when you’re next in Melbourne (Presidents Cup?) come and have a hit at The National…

Big fan.

The length left me wanting a bit more which means it was perfect.

Thought the bit about waiting on the plane was interesting- good amount of Soly’s anxiety, some humor, and you explained the background of the situation.

Keep it up.

Great series. I’ll echo the desire for longer length and a little more on the course content.

Really didn’t think I was going to like this but binged on eps. 1-5 tonight and was blown away. Great mix of interviews, course action, daily wrap-ups, and #content. Just one question: is there any where we can get a listing of the tracks used in the series? KUTGW gents.


Agreed - would be great to get a list of the tracks used in each episode. Great season so far!

Love the season I agree I wish it was longer.

what’s next south africa???

If I recall correctly, Season One of Tourist Sauce will include St Andrews Beach, Kingston Heath, Victoria, Barnbougle Dunes, Lost Farm, Metropolitan, Royal Melbourne East and Royal Melbourne West.