Tourist Sauce, Ireland

The gang has started showing Instagram stories from their trip, which already looks epic. There appears to be falconry involved, and I think I saw that Tom Coyne is heading over to join them, which is amazing.

Also, @MerchCzar appears to be cultivating a Bob Ross/70’s white soul singer level afro right now, and I’m all in for it.


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Some of the photos that @hashtagchad has gotten look incredible. Also wouldn’t mind if they gave a shoutout to where they’re trap/skeet shooting right now. Ireland’s on the short-list of places to go sometime soon, so it’s cool to see all of the non-golf activities that they’re doing as well.

Think they’re at Adare Manor.

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Yes, the shooting and falconry are at Adare Manor, which is a country estate with a well-regarded parkland course that is bidding for the 2026 Ryder Cup.

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Lahinch looks fantastic. Obviously they have the picture of the 5th (par 3 over the hill), to the blue pin which is exactly where it was when I played it 4 years ago. I think the others are of the 6th and the par 3 8th. Good stuff.

Does anybody know about @Soly’s wrist injury? Noticed it in the Mrs. Soly surprise birthday and then in front of the bus…appears to be gritting through it, against doctor’s orders…?

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Could be a Jason Day situation. Will be interesting to see how this story develops.


Who is this ‘Jason Day’ you speak of? Do you mean the Balloon Boy?


Will Tron be putting him on blast all trip? Potential friction in the C Suite?

This could be interesting with @djpie’s theory that Jason Day suffers from Munchausen Syndrome.


Just opened IG and saw the same stories from the whole crew, Chad included. Gets me a bit jaded when they’re all posting the same content.

This certainly feels more obviously sponsored than previous TS trips. From the EIG lovefest at the airport, to a Cally rep going with, to the inclusion of Adare Manor and the pint of dark at Adare with their logo on top of the foam.

I get that everyone has to get a drink, and I know the amount of content drops without contra deals, but some of the brilliance from NLU’s “sponsor assisted” videos and pods to date is how that isn’t particularly evident in the resulting content.

Hopefully the Ireland series continues that.


Tendinitis. Was out about a month after TS season 3 and had a flare up prior to Ireland. 800 mg ibuprofen mixed with Guinness has been enough to numb the body and only cause minimal flinches at impact.


Scotland Tourism board paid for Scotland. Did that turn out ok?

Also, Chad is a friend that was invited on the trip. Callaway is a sponsor of this series, and it was our idea to bring him along to showcase his personality and show people what the relationship between us and Callaway is really like. We’re buddies who happen to be lucky enough to be partners.

Have some faith is us.




To quote the great Wildling Warg Orell:
" People work together when it suits 'em. They’re loyal when it suits 'em. Love each other when it suits 'em. And they kill each other when it suits 'em. "


Absolutely – Scotland turned out great, Abu Dhabi was great, etc. Just one follower’s perspective that the early socials for this trip feel more “sponsored by” and a hope – and ample faith – that it doesn’t translate through to the vids themselves.

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Makes sense.



Storm Hannah is about to hit the South West coast of Ireland. Now that will be interesting content!

This storm?