Tot Hill Takeover - Short Notice!!

Quick Response Needed


The Strantz Fan Club is holding the Iron Maverick III at Tot Hill Farm in Asheboro, NC this October 23rd. $250 for all day golf, food etc.

Registration opens tomorrow night at 9pm. Ahead of that we would like to ID interested Refugees and get folks assigned to handle registration (this is done as foursomes).

Full Info is here:

I have started an interest sheet, but that clock is ticking, so get in there quick.

As you are filling in the sheet, please indicate if you would be willing to be a captain / register a team. Today & tomorrow I will start to build out foursome grouping.

From their Insta:
AREYOUREADY for IRON MAVERICK III?!? Well ya better get ready! 10.23.2023 at @tothillfarmgolfclub - fresh off a multi-million dollar restoration of its #MikeStrantz signature course & clubhouse! Too many details to list here, but visit for all the details of the event - including all day golf, drinks, gifts & more + food by @blackpowdersmokehouse - that is “Half Golf Ironman | Half Mike Strantz Tribute.

If anyone needs any additional encouragement, please talk to @BCates our resident THF stan.


Takeover sounds a lot like Siege. What are you doing here @Smidler? Stolen valor?

A takeover implies that you go in, and dare I say “take over”. A siege is surrounding and forcing a surrender.

Very, very different things.

Oh, shit…does this mean that we aren’t actually going on property at Sweetens? Are we just going to hit balls at it from the road? (Or did you numbskulls just pick the first alliterative word that you could find? Words have meaning, damn it!)


Who could really say when @westerj12 comes up with names.

Did I pick the name?

Confirmed. I did not come up with Siege.

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“The Sweetens Swindle” ???


Sweetens Soiree would have been nice.


So it looks like we currently have 11 on the sheet.

@westerj12, @PantherHawk and I are all willing to register.

Gents, do we feel confident that we can fill 12 slots, or do we play the odds (and acknowledge Refuge history) and expect drop outs?

Register 3 or Register 2?

If it matters, the site said you don’t pay when you register, you get an email in a day or so with instructions.

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I say 3

Agreed. We register 3.

I broke up the names on the sheet into groups with each of us as captains.

If they happen to ask for names when registering, those will be the entries. We can work on chasing down firm commitments before we pay.

@PantherHawk - you on board here?

You’ve got Paul in my group so I know I’ll need to find someone to replace him :joy:

I’m on board. Just got off a plane, but should be good

Should I just put someone in as a fourth and go from there?

Yeah. I think that we can fill it.

I’m just gonna put a friend of mine and if he wants in, cool. Otherwise we’ll fill it out

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Link is live.



Just waiting on @westerj12 to try to remember his email and phone number.

Got mine in at 9:01

Luckily google auto fills that in for me

Alright folks, now we just wait.