#TheMotherClucker — HCC takes on Old Waverly and Mossy Oak

The @HighCottonClub took our talents to MS for our inaugural Member - Guest, #TheMotherClucker

The weekend started with 9 holes at the MSU Golf Course where @Webber took the sole skin, but @hworth14 won the day to start his weekend off hot.

The gang checked into the cottages across the lake from 11, 17, and 18 at Old Waverly before attending the Vandy @ State baseball game in the Carnegie Hall of College Baseball. Enough can not be said about the setup @Webber put together for the boys in Left Field Lounge. Vibes were high after the game and while some folks went to dinner, another group went to a hidden cigar lounge in the back of a packing store on West Point — s/o Brandon Walker… The competition hadn’t started yet, but the energy was tangible.

After a night filled with tornado sirens and severe weather around us, the morning brought sunshine and a new day. Saturday morning and everyone reconvened in the Old Waverly clubhouse for a wildly overpriced and mediocre breakfast buffet before loading up the carts and heading out for a team total stableford competition, with the team totals seeding Sunday’s matches. After an enormous amount of rain on Friday night, LCP was in play everywhere and the TC Rule (do the right thing, don’t be a scumbag) was in full effect for the bunkers. A hot start by the lowest cappers stalled in the middle of the round while teams with strokes played some of their best gross golf. The leaderboard flipped in favor of Team @lostinspace ans Team @hworth14 who secured their spot in Sunday’s championship match with totals of 101 for team @lostinspace and 80 for team @hworth14

Since CPO dragged Saturday morning’s round, the group abandoned the plan to head to Saturday’s baseball game and head for an E9 at Mossy Oak, where the oooo’s and aaahhh’s started to flow freely. After a less than ideal morning round, @Webber beat the problems out on the range before teeing off and shot -3 to run away with the jackpot before folks dispersed for dinner and reconvened for a special recording of Dialed In (to be released in the coming days)

Sunday morning brought an early wake up call after a long day, but the course had dried enough for the grounds crew to make some major improvements from the previous afternoon. Team @lostinspace ran away with the Championship match despite @hworth14 shooting a net/gross even par as a scratch handicap on the back of @lostinspace net -4. Two other gross even rounds were out there, featuring a net -6.

The weekend concluded with camaraderie and drinks on the upper patio overlooking Mossy Oak, and the planning for our return began. #TheMotherClucker will return to the @highcottonclub schedule in an expanded field next year, but a group has already started forming for a return trip in September.

All in all, it was a hell of a weekend and I’m sad it’s over. I can’t thank everyone enough for getting involved and bringing their guests, it was truly a pleasure to meet and hang with everyone.


The word that keeps coming to my mind is the verb, crescendo!!

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Lodging and tee times have been booked for the trip in the fall! Two cottages at Mossy Oak on Thursday/Friday 9/7-8 with tee times at Mossy Oak Friday morning and afternoon and tee times at Old Waverly starting at 8:10 on Saturday (fingers crossed for an evening kick for Arizona @ State)

Reach out if you want to #getinvolved


Sounds like a blast. Currently trying to get my 16 man ryder cup group to look at these courses for 2024 fall. Any suggestions on how to convince them or what we should do?

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Stay at Mossy if you can. We stayed at Old Waverly last time and it was great, but Mossy has a putting green by the cottages and an incredible vibe. The ability to grab beer and go up to the back patio to watch groups come in is unbeatable.

Old Waverly was serving Philly cheesesteaks and burgers at the turn, which was wild, but the food is probably a better value over at Mossy.

It’s just an insane value for two great golf courses, and they are generally very accommodating of groups like this.

Local tips… Add something at the MSU Golf Course to start the weekend, get dinner at Anthony’s in West Point one night and go to the Smokestack in West Point, MS, buy some cigars and drinks, and ask for Brandon Walker’s Smoking Lounge.


If it had been a better weekend they’d have had to throw us in jail! Can’t wait to get the boys back to the 'Sip. @leftysauce is a humble man but he was one of the E gross scores on Sunday at Mossy. Hopefully will be seeing yall in June…


One of the best weekends I’ve ever had between New Years and Memorial Day. Can’t wait to get back. @Webber is a hell of a host and the epitome of a southern gentleman.


I can’t sleep, the return trip is among us! The Little Clucker is coming

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Welp, that’s something…. Weird things happened in this cottage before we arrived

The return trip for The Mother Clucker has been rescheduled to LSU weekend, March 15-17.

This is going to be good :eyes:

Love it! As someone who spends lots of time in Starkville, I’m excited to play golf with some fellow refugees.

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Love to hear it! Check out the details below (we had to adjust last year’s schedule due to an event going on the same weekend [that just means the courses will be dialed] and are awaiting confirmation from MSU golf course)

Twelve members and their guests are invited to participate in the Roost’s second Member/Guest, one of The High Cotton Club’s most elite events of the year.

Teams will compete across 36 holes at Old Waverly (team total stableford seeding for Sunday’s matches) and Mossy Oak (fourball matches based on Saturday’s seeding) for the chance to claim the name: The Mother Clucker Champions, and earn a trophy for their accomplishment.

Check out the loose itinerary for The Mother Clucker…
Friday Afternoon - Optional Nine Holes at Mossy Oak Golf Club at 2:12
Friday Evening - LSU @ MSU Baseball Game
Saturday Morning - Round One at Old Waverly Golf Club at 7:30AM
Saturday Afternoon - Optional Nine Holes at MSU Golf Course at 1:45PM
Saturday Evening - Dinner & Putting Contest
Sunday Morning - Round Two at Mossy Oak Golf Club at 9:30AM
Sunday Afternoon - Lunch & Departures

Lodging will be provided through the cottages at Mossy Oak Golf Club for approximately $115/person/night. Payment for rooms must be paid through the host venue, and therefore is separate from the event entry fee.

Registration opens November 1 and closes January 19. Payment must be submitted via Venmo to @highcottonclub (business) by the end of registration. Entry fees must be submitted before teams are removed from the Wait List. Teams who submit full payment will receive first access to the event.
Please submit player entry fees separately.

Entry fees for this event are based on what options you would like to select. Please carefully select the option that best fits you and your partner, and submit your entry fees accordingly.

Entry Fees/Player
Entry Fee (Basic)… $500
Entry Fee (Optional Round at Mossy Oak Only)… $555
Entry Fee (Optional Round at MSU Golf Course Only)… $545
Entry Fee (Basic + All Optional Rounds)… $600
Entry Fee (All In)*… $835
*Lodging (Payable to Host Site, Tax Inclusive)… $230

Basic Entry Fees include the following…

  • 36 Holes of Golf Plus Range Access
  • Baseball Ticket + Drinks
  • Vessel Gift for All Members & Guests
  • Trophies for Winners
  • Gift for Sunday Match Winners
  • Closest to the Pin Contests
  • Net Skins
  • Donation to the High Cotton Relief Fund

After a serious amount of interest in this event at the Roost Club Championship and the NIT, we’ll be opening this up to Refugees soon :eyes: Stay tuned


Reminder: Registration is active for High Cotton Club members and their guests! Once both players have paid, teams will be removed from the waitlist

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An OG High Cotton national member @dshaddy has entered the field with his now Splash brother @JShades33 :fire: we love to see it

3/12 teams off the waitlist quickly, with one more on standby… 25% of the field gone in a day yawllll


The Father/Son Champs are returning, another Father/Son pairing has signed up, and a set of brothers are on the waitlist… It’s going to be a family affair in MS!

We have one High Cotton member in need of a guest… this is a sure fire way to get yourself in the field!

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I’ll jump on that…