@TheBigMan Tells All AMA

How hard do I need to try to create a duplicate thread?

Well, on mobile there’s zero effort. That should maybe be fixed.

The guys have too much faith in us. They were wrong.

Would be nice if duplicate threads could be deleted after being identified and pointed to the existing thread.


I have zero problem with duplicate threads. There, I said it.



What if we used the flag button to get them closed?

For all of @nandersen shouting from the rooftop about the search bar, it’s not that great so I can understand how a duplicate thread could be made. That’s not to excuse blatant thread duplicates.

me? you blame me?

Not blame, just saying the search bar doesn’t solve everything. It’s not powered by Bing, what do you expect?

Agree - I don’t see a reason why there shouldn’t be specific threads for different things. If someone wants input on getting on the Old Course in September they should be able to start a new thread instead of trying to scan through hundreds of post that might be tangentially related


And we were getting along so well…

Should there be any sort of moderation beyond flagging a post?

Also moved this to Miscellaneous.

NLU trying to moderate the refuge


Doesn’t have to be the NLU guys, plenty of Internet forums have volunteer mods from within the community. But there are better systems than just likes and flags. The community should moderate itself.

Obviously there is work to be done and much to be desired based off of @randy thread about flagging recently.

That’s what the grudge matches are for…


We do… by commenting on duplicated threads.

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There should be a function to merge a new thread into an existing one.


If you’re suggesting actual moderators, from the community or otherwise, that is an entirely different story, and I’m pretty sure it’s come up before and the answer was no.

This x1,000,000