The Super Bowl Cup (Phoenix, AZ): 2022, February 11 - Aguila Golf Course (Players Finalized)

Phoenix February Ryder Super Bowl Cup (Working Title – please think of something better)

Do you like the Ryder Cup?

  • Yes

What is your favorite football team?

  • Cardinals or Packers – You’re on Team NFC
  • Raiders or Steelers – You’re on Team AFC
  • Don’t care for NFL – You’re on whatever team needs players

Location: Aguila Golf Course
8440 S 35th Ave, Laveen Village, AZ 85339

Price: $115 per player


  • Morning/Mid-Morning: Two loops around the 9 Hole Course

    • 1st round – Four-ball
    • 2nd round – Foursomes (Alt Shot)
  • Afternoon Round: 18 hole course

    • Singles

Trophy – Since “Bowl Cup” is tentatively part of the name, I’m just picturing gluing a cup of some kind in a bowl and calling it a day.

Charity – I’m thinking on top of greens fees, everyone chips in $10-$20 and the pot is donated to TBD


@Double_Bogey_Dave @sundaybag heads up, this is the finalized version of the previous Phoenix event. If you are able to, it might make sense to lock or hide the earlier “The Other Phoenix Open” thread to avoid any confusion


@pushdraw @astrodupes @matthew823 @Waffles @kpotter40 @Jwest3106 @samba24 @Jpop942 @Jbass32 @seanp1386

As stated above, this is the new finalized version of the previous “Other Phoenix Open”. I went ahead and copied over the information you provided in the google doc for the original thread.

Please review the format and doc, and confirm if you are still willing to participate in this one-day event on Friday February 11th.

Thanks everyone!


And since I can only mention 10 usernames in a post…

@wiz @josiewon @ComfyDouble @cwalsh27 @AmandatoryGolfFriday @lukealltogether @Daler75

I just closed and unlisted the old thread


Happy to rep team AFC. Hate that you lumped me in with Raider and Steelers as examples of the conference.

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In the spirit of The Shotgun Start, the trophy for the The Super Bowl Cup should absolutely be a plaque. I have heard rumor that the Aguila short course is free same day if you play an 18 hole round, could make it even cheaper if true.


@KMola14 you’re a fucking Packers fan?! Gross

Fan…and owner haha



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Packers, Dodgers … what’s your NBA team the Heat? How does this make sense?


Born in So Cal in the early 90s, the Rams and Raiders left LA in 94. Parents are not the biggest sports fans so I wasn’t born into liking a certain team, and then neighbor down the street who was from Green Bay gave me some of his son’s hand-me-down Packers gear haha.

And if you really want to know, Lakers for NBA & Kings for NHL haha.

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Looks like over 30 so far on the doc are interested. Do you have tee times reserved already? I would love to drive in from Las Vegas if possible.

If you are bringing 2 others then we would be at 24. The “astrodupes +1” to +3 are the 3 total people that aren’t on the refuge that he invited to the event.

@AmandatoryGolfFriday and I have to opt out of this one, sorry amigo.

No worries, thanks for the follow up

I would really love to commit but my wife and I are expecting our daughter at any moment now. Idk how plausible an entire day of golf will be by mid February

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Totally understandable. If you want, feel to add your info at the very bottom as a potential emergency alternate haha.

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My +2 aren’t either. I would assume any + wouldn’t be members or they would sign up themselves.

The format you propose is cool, I’m just confirming you already have a block of tee times booked so we can plan. What times are you proposing? I’m traveling from Vegas, my invitees work In Phoenix we need to know the times in order to confirm.