The Standoff at Sand Creek -- Supercell vs. GPGC

That was my feeling. I believe we have 8. I’ll double check and get double confirmation.

Double secret confirmation?

@scagnetti We have 8. Let’s lock it in.


and myself @scagnetti should comprise our team. Post below if you can confirm.

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Im still very tentative at the moment. I know numbers are tight but if someone could cover my spot I would much prefer that than bailing on short notice. So if you have any other interest offer them my spot otherwise I’ll keep planning on making it work

I can confirm

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I can confirm.

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Heard. Can NOT confirm. I gotchu mang!

Confirmed. I have a local backup as well if needed last minute.

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We need ‘em. Put their info in the sign up sheet, including ghin and have em pay the $85 and we are cookin with gas.

Our crew has been set!

Rick Fenimore (will be in the nest soon)

@scagnetti What’re your thoughts on how we do pairings? You’ve talked to the course more than me but I’m thinking we go same partners for shamble/scramble and then a potential switch for the scotch foursomes/fourball?


Yeah I’d love for everyone to play a nine with everyone else if possible. One team can just move up after each nine, or switch foursomes at each turn.

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What’s our first morning tee time? Sorry if I missed it.

Should be 930. Staggered start. This may change but I’ve a feeling they’re gonna stick to the first time as we are playing 36.

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I’m in and I like the idea of switching it up after each 9.

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Shoutout @ChazReavie for the phenomenal artwork here.


I dunno what everyone’s travel plans are, but I’m holing up at The Ambassador in Wichita Friday night. If yer gonna be in town then, come to the bar for an adult beverage? I’m still curious about a good decent hang with good food and bev options.

What’s y’all’s plans?!

Was going to get a Friday time at Sand Creek but they have an event and can only get me out at dawn. I’ll be sleepy. The Wind Surge are in town and its a pretty great AA ballpark, walking distance from the Ambassador. Several decent spots downtown although I haven’t been down there other than the ballpark in quite a while.

Still working out the times but will have two spots sometime Friday mid-morning.

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I’ll be making it as far as Emporia Friday night, then I’ll drive down to Newton Saturday morning.

@CubbieHawk if you know what color polo & shorts/pants you’ll be wearing, i should be able to match you.


Definitely red up top. Probably some variety of gray down low. Forecast looks decent can y’all imagine a 70degree round with sun and sub 30mph wind?? Let’s have a day