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Having it say Liberty Bell on top and having it be Liberty Bell on bottom…

Lose the words, make the bell bigger and have it hang from the neck?

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Been about a year and a half since I went. Just a good, homey feeling place to have a bite and a coffee.

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Oy! @OliveLoaf, in here! Sign up.


Folks, we have a duel shaping up in late September. The “Battle for the 36th Parallel”. SoCal vs NorCal, Ryder cup style in the wine country of the central coast. Shoutout to @BeenMacKenzied for a great trophy idea, a GoldRush pick axe. And @Slim for the USGS plate idea. Hoping for a 12 vs 12 match over two days. My NorCal team is now taking qualifications. What say you, @Rob_Roth?


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If a kid ever asks you what grown men do with their spare time, you can show them this… :arrow_up:


JFC this is good.

“Most dangerous swede with an iron since…”

Invited in my a fellow chapter member… i’d like to sign up for the UK chapter please ! Looks great !

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I got bored today.

Also unequivocally not a graphics person.


Love the flag. I’m working on some concepts that incorporate the 36th parallel. Well done.

An update from Northern California

Here is the Low Cal (ie Southern California) logo - we are excited to add to our growing roster


Also if your in SoCal hit me up with a message and I will add you to the what’s app group

Does every region have a WhatsApp? Virginia people? Trying to get plugged in

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Yes, there’s a DMV chapter you should be able to get involved with.

The name in green in the Google doc is the chapter captain and they’ll be able to hook you up. :slight_smile:

Some pics from this weekends meet in the GB & I chapter. We played for the Cock o’ the North Cup and 44 of us competed at Woodhall Spa. Things got a little messy afterwards over dinner but I didn’t care because they all surprised me with the gift of a Vessel stand bag, complete with my name and the RACDG logo embroidered on it. Pretty humbling but I’m f**king stoked!

The comp was won by @JSW56 who is now The Cock for a year. He kindly filled the trophy with scotch and passed it round.


And yes, my pink Faldo ‘84 outfit played hard.