Roll Call: Bay Area Golfers

I second club champion, went to their san carlos location. Not high pressure at all, I actually found used clubs that they fitted me with P790’s with nippon 120’s, on golfWRX for quite cheap.

Looking for 1 more to play next Friday (July 17) at Corica Park (Alameda) at 3:20pm twilight round.

$32 walking


Just saw a fellow gui wearing a blue NLU quarter zip walking down Valencia near the police station with a cute ass chonk of a bulldog.

My girlfriend noticed and it was too late to run back and say hey.

Whoever you are: let’s play some golf and we should get a beer sometime! Cheers


Revive the NLU ‘missed connections’ thread haha


I can’t make it but someday really should snap this up for $32


Guis, just wanted to give a quick update on our Royal & Ancient Company of Dishonourable Golfers chapter for those who aren’t on Instagram or in our WhatsApp group chat:

  • we are up to 65 members! So awesome.
  • two competitions planned for the upcoming months:

The Fleming Cup next month at Baylands. Bay Area vs Monterey/Central Valley in a Ryder cup style match. 12 vs 12

The Battle for the 36th Parallel in September at Hunter Ranch in Paso Robles. SoCal vs NorCal in Ryder cup style match.

  • some cool ideas brewing for 2021…a yearlong match play for the club championship, a classic club event, a half set event

  • a road trip up north? Bandon? Sylvies? Gamble Sands?

If anyone has any questions or wants to join, shoot me a DM or visit us at

Cheers, Paddy


I’d love to join both outings. Baylands is one of my regular tracks. What are the dates?

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What’s the Instagram address?

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got u…follow it peeps!

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Doc beat me to the punch. Give it a follow and ping me so I know it’s you, @SF_Irish


Last chance- I have an extra spot $37 Baylands 7:30 AM Monday morning, let me know by tonight otherwise I’ll cancel it.

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You know I’d be there if I could, my man.

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Harding park tee time fell through, and me and a friend are scrambling to find a spot for 2 anywhere within an hour. Any recs?

Or more than an hour

Dang that sucks. All I’m seeing is PM times all over. Sharp Park has a couple. Chardonnay up in Napa.
Apparently everyone in NorCal is golfing today…

Thanks Doc! We found one at Crystal springs.

keplers. hands down. I have been fitted for driver/3wood, wedges… from the great guys there. good luck.

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I had seen that post when I did a search in this thread and Im happy to hear some others had good experiences there as well. I’m going to have to make a day to come down, luckily i have a good friend who lives in Concord I can stay with.

Darren is great there, and so is Bill (owner). So are the other guys like Chris, plus you usually have Rob Boldt (former pro) there hanging out during fittings making suggestions.

I’m planning on going down at the end of August to get a new 3 wood and irons.

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