The Royal & Ancient Company of Dishonourable Golfers - Golf Society. The Brits make a Podcast!

Welcome! I live in Westchester and I’m the captain of the NYC sub-chapter. If you want to get involved in our What’s App chat shoot me a DM. I warn you it’s a VERY active chat where we talk about golf maybe 10% of the time.

@The_Cad_Says, Your Grace, just want to let you know the NYC sub-chapter has unanimously agreed that we hate The Big Snapple and have re-branded ourselves the “Metro Militia” since Philly and Boston have revolutionary names.


Classic New Yorkers, hate everything and have to have it their way

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can definitely get behind this rebranding

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Carolinas chapter- @hakimimj and I briefly discussed hosting a meet-up at Snee Farm this Spring (over in Roll Call SC thread). Date is TBD as we haven’t gotten that far, but I’m thinking April/May. Thought we’d share the word on here as well.


Duly noted. Have you changed it in the Roll Call too?

PNW RACDG cordially invites you all,


A short statement from the GB&I Chapter:

“Whilst we continue to monitor this developing situation, it’s recommended you take all necessary precautions to remain healthy, so you can squeeze as much golf as possible in to your disrupted work schedule / lockdown.

We encourage you to follow advice from professionals that are knowledgeable in this field, such as Club Pro Guy.”



Had the pleasure of playing 2 rounds in the last week with @The_Cad_Says, and what a fine man His Grace is. 100% the gentleman in every arena. Our dishonorable society is in fine hands.


I have a question and I’m sorry if it’s been addressed:

Why isn’t anyone in the US Frozen North? It appears the MN dudes (and an ND dude) are in the Midwest West. I want to be in the Frozen North, dammit.


Fuck it. I’m in the Frozen North, if anyone wants to join. Where you at, Montana?


Good man. I’ve been waiting for someone to commit!

I take my position as the first guy in the Frozen North very seriously, my friend. Proud to be here.


Hey Carolinas- we need one, maybe two tomorrow at 2:16 at Snee Farm CC. Shoot me a DM if interested.

@The_Cad_Says I know this is an old post, but I will be moving to England this summer and was interested in joining a golf society or club. Do have any you could recommend? I saw you mentioned you were part of a couple., but didn’t mention the names of the organizations.


Sure. Where in England are you going to be?

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I will be out around Oxford. Not sure if you know of any in or around that area, but always willing to travel to play.

Loads of clubs out round there. I’ll hook you into the GB&I WhatzApp. We have done members round there so they can give better advice about local tracks.

DM me your number and I’ll do that. :slight_smile:

What do I need to do to get signed up for the NYC Metro group? Would love to join!

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Cc: @HibernatingBear

I’ll DM with all the info in the next hour or so

Awesome! Thanks