EVENT: Lake City Jamboree, Couer d’Alene, ID. July 17-19

After a sick, fucking sick weekend with our PNW RACDG, there’s been much ado about what’s next and we all know how fast calendars fill up around here. With that in mind, I present the initial plans for,

The Lake City Jamboree

To be held in Couer d’Alene, Idaho, on the weekend of July 17th to the 19th. Currently being co organized by @Sarah and myself, and hosted by the ever gracious @The_Cad_Says, as he summers on the lake.

Ideas include a weekend of golf culminating in our PNW RACDG Shut Championship, incredible scenery, and maximum hangs.

Proposed Schedule

Friday, July 17th: an afternoon round at The Links (http://golfthelinks.net/).

Saturday, July 18th: PNW RACDG Championship at The Resort Course (https://www.cdaresort.com/play/golf). Its the floating green y’all!!

Saturday, Afternoon/Night, July 18th: Awards banquet and general shindig at @The_Cad_Says’ house where we all call the Shut Champion a sandbagger and ask Cad to make everyone mint juleps.

Sunday, July 19th: Hangover Cup at Circling Raven (https://www.cdacasino.com/golf/).

Proposed Accommodations

A few of us will be staying with @The_Cad_Says as we live a few days in the life and rumor has it he has a few more spots available. To be claimed on a first come/first served basis, unless His Grace decides otherwise, you’ll have to ask him. I imagine these will fill up fast but the AirBnB scene in Couer d’Alene is pretty sweet, so options are good!

Proposed Transportation

Seattle heads have talked about caravanning over the mountains (the OT stories write themselves here), @Sarah will be coming down from the great white north, if you have the right skills and access to a waterway I believe you could actually dock at @The_Cad_Says’ house, plane tickets are like super cheap… you’re all adults, I believe in you!

Would love to gauge interest as we get the ball rolling, so if you feel inclined,

  • Yes, I’m interested!
  • Not sure I can make it, but demand content from everyone who does.
  • Where is Idaho??

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Sarah, arriving at the CADs summer estate


I’m a resident of a bordering state. It’s still more than 1000 miles from my home to @The_Cad_Says’s place.



Only three posts before we derail into geography?? :thinking: That’s gotta be close to a record! Are you on the way? Can our caravan pick you up?

If you think geography of the actual event location is a derail, you’re going to have the worst pizza bellyache ever.


Does Idaho have a state food?

Do Canadians not eat Idaho potatoes?

Do they taste like New Brunswick potatoes?

I’m so over my skis with travel plans, but according to my handwritten schedule, I don’t have anything in July so we’re good


I had an amazing strawberry milkshake off the side of the road on my way to Boise, like 6 years ago, does that count? It was literally 1 gallon big

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Probably? Growing up in New England, we ate Maine potatoes (before Idaho all but snuffed them out). I could never tell any difference.

Boom, derailed.

You’re not over your skis until you crash so you should really keep going on travel plans.

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Look sometimes you gotta run before you can walk, ya know?? Here you go, we’ll pick you up

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Impressed to see you guys overlapping with the Nebraska event. Takes some balls to go after President @aannddyy00


Who doesn’t like options?

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D’oh! Damn.

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This is a disgusting overstep from @davidc.

Does he not listen to The Fried Egg?

Did he not hear the amazing shout out for Wild Horse made by no other than Mike Kaiser Jr.?


It’s pretty obvious that he’s attempting an insurgent run for the Office of Refuge President. So transparent.


If @aannddyy00’s regime demands we not host more events, all across the country, as often as we want, I refuse to kowtow to such an obvious anti-Nest attitude. The people deserve better.



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