The Refuge Feedback Thread


Not to be a corporate shill but your sponsors would probably love their own section…
A listing of sponsors (Luggage Forward, Callaway, PGA Tour Live, etc.) and Tour players repping the NLU towel would be cool.

We would probably be able to score some extra loot and contests, too. :wink:


Since the comment section appears to be shutdown on the main page, would there be a way to automate starting a topic on the refuge for each new article (thinking this mainly applies to new podcasts)?


For sure. Even if we can’t automate the process I’ll try to start a discussion topic. Or if anybody else wants to start it, please feel free!


This week, the Refuge went through a swing change that I think will really streamline the site. All of the new categories are far more in tune with the various conversational threads running through this message board (and the NLU-sphere in general), and now everyone can get steep into whatever deep cut of golf minutiae (travel, architecture, the Tour, or those sweet, sweet gear topics) they want. I’m very excited to see the site humming on all cylinders during the two-month summer sweet spot, with the three remaining majors bracketing continental European golf and the Quad Cities Classic.

** Puts on Stephen A. Smith glasses **

Howeva, I do have some questions for the powers that be. I don’t think I’m the only one who’s noticed that some topics have disappeared during the site overhaul, and I can’t tell whether it was because they failed to fit within one of the newly identified categories or because they were a bit more off-topic. I was trying to track down a topic from a few months ago about a New York Times article criticizing Donald Trump’s golf habits, and for some reason I can’t locate it in the archives any more. Upon further review, it’s not the only one, either.

Given the irreverent content this site usually produces, I’m not overly concerned about censorship from some bad (or sick!) moderator, or about the Refuge suddenly being at war with Eastasia. That being said, I am curious as to whether any of these changes were intentional, whether posts are going to have a shelf life, etc. It is the #YearOfAccountability, after all. I’ll hang up and listen.


Yeah, that’s on me. Some of the old topics didn’t make it through the transition. I can assure you it’s nothing about censorship. I am teaching myself how to use the board admin functions and so in trying to create new categories and catalog topics appropriately, I used some old, dormat topics as guinea pigs in the process. I accidentally clipped a few early in the process. After that, I trimmed a handful which had minimal engagement (and nothing in the last month). Please feel free to re-start a topic I may have gotten rid of. Again, my apologies. For future reference, I’m not sure how long old threads will stay on site before perhaps getting trimmed automatically by software–I’ll have to look into that. Appreciate your thoughts on the board overhaul in general, I hope it’s more intuitive and navigable.