The Refuge Feedback Thread


Real quick here, I see CPG has created an account on here but his activity looks like his 2001 season when he played off the major medical exemption due to chlamydia. I get his hours are brutal, but Soly please do what you can to get him involved here.


Execs should have the final say on new threads.

Also, if Big Randy could follow up his Ode to Monty with a Champions Tour thread, that’d be great. Thanks.


Would there be a way to see our posts that are pending approval on our profile? I have submitted 1-2 that I’ve already forgotten what I wrote, might want to edit to increase the likelihood they get approved, and/or don’t want to submit something similar down the road.


Be careful how many subforums you create, many message boards have died over inactivity over the years as the audience becomes too segmented. One for roll calls and one for pro tour talk is good, but not much more.


Bumping this. We’ve categorized each topic, but wanted feedback before making the next change. I think the landing page should be the categories, and from there you choose which category you want to enter. The home page being this giant cluster doesn’t help much from an organizational standpoint, unless people actually use the different category pages, and roll call threads (while great) are not applicable to all.

So before doing that, any thoughts on making the “home” page be the categories instead of one giant board with every topic?


Yeah, Absolutely. If someone wants to see all threads sort by recent posts, is there an option to click to see all posts together (like it is now)?


I kinda like being able to see all the posts together.


I love the board and have spent entirely too much time reading it the last two weeks. Having said that, I love that the page breaks where there are new posts in threads since the last time I logged on above the break and ones that have been dormant since I got on last below it.

If I could change anything, the “roll calls” clog up far too much space on the board. I understand the desire to connect people but there is probably a way to split it from the rest of the board. The message board was a great addition, keep up the great work!


I agree with this 100%. I think if Roll Call was separate, it would make things more clean.


It would be cool if you listed the different available “Badges” somewhere. Every now and then I’ll notice that I’m being awarded a different badge but it would be neat to be able to see the different badges available.


I’m also curious if it’s possible to opt in or out of certain threads. Some of these don’t interest me at all so I’ve been ignoring them but they do clutter up my feed.


I would absolutely have a “homepage” with the categories. If possible (and I suggest this selfishly so I don’t miss anything) maybe there can be some highlighted ‘most popular’ threads on this home page as well

Maybe a golf instruction/fitness/tips category as well? Just a spot for people to talk about their own games and what they’re doing to get better or ask for help (again selfish as I’m working to increase swing speed)


What about the ability to quote reply someone, similar to a quote tweet, so others will be able to see the specific comment you’re replying to. The site shows this now but you have to click a dropdown.


When someone deletes their post, instead of this: “(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)” - we should have it read as: “Author has requested a mulligan.”


Loving The Refuge so far. Great idea.

Making the home page the categories is a great idea. Seeing all the different threads can cause some people to loose their feels.

Any plans for a “Refuge” line in the NLU Pro Shop?


Filter replies by most likes


Can’t help but my love the irony that this post has been edited


not sure if it’s my browser settings, but it would be nice if when i click on links they would open in a new tab.


I prefer the landing page as-is, and if I want to seek out a specific category I can do that easily. I love the variety of topics floating around here and think that new viewers need to see that without having to click through each and every category. My two cents.

As for returning viewers, seems others want to see the categories first. As long as there is a category called “all posts” then I guess each user should just bookmark the view they prefer. Problem solved.


Simply highlight the text you want to reply to, then the quote option pops up.