The MN Match Play Thread - 2023 BRACKET POSTED - ROUND 1 UNDERWAY

It’s about time we moved this to its own thread. 2023 Signups HERE:



What is the penalty for going full Gil Morgan on the bit and not getting it done during May? My busy season is over at the end of May so it may be tight. Hope it involves playing a makeup match dressed like Hovland or Hideki.

Work it out with your opponent(s). I don’t want people feeling like they’re under the gun this year, but balance that with if, hypothetically, at some point you’re two rounds behind the rest of the pack - decisions need to be made.

Basically the TC Way applies.


Will first round matchups be organized by metro region? Apologies, I really did look in the other thread for format discussion but also, I aint reading all that.

Within reason, yes. Mostly concerned with the non-metro folks not being asked to drive 2 hours to play their first matches of the year. I may rig the quadrants a bit so that the Points Race people can play each other, because I want them to be able to wager their season points on matches if they’d like.

Also might try to put some of the Landmand folks together for the first round to get some matches going out there if desired. Lot of moving parts.

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Attention @NorthStarUnited

We still need about 14 for the Match Play bracket! Sign up here ASAP so I can get a bracket generated:

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything - it’s one of the best ways to get involved and play (objectively) the best format with some of your fellow sickos. In broad strokes:

  1. 64-player bracket play (4 quadrants, single elimination, just like March Madness)
  2. All matches are NET - you must have an active USGA handicap. Matches played at 95% handicap allowance per USGA Recommended Allowances
  3. Coordinate with your opponent when/where, post results in this thread. Win and move on, lose and, well, better luck next year.
  4. The overall champion receives this piece of hardware until a new Champion is crowned:






I guess I can take a break from lurking to throw my hat in the ring here.
@bignanski - any plans to get the Rochester/La Crosse contingent randomly matched up early on to cut down travel distance?

Edit: literally didn’t read 3 messages back - sounds like the answer is yes. Brandon regrets the error…


What’s the deadline for getting the first round done by again?

Damn I peaked a year early


Loosely, end of May. Wanted to let this play out with, hopefully, significantly less forfeits this year. So in that spirit, deadlines will be loosened and there will be no (explicit) ties to the Roost or Shootout.

And @spscrappers the answer is yes. You, @XrayPunk, @FrostyWalrus and @kolby who appears to have maybe nuked his account will be set up adjacent to each other for the first two rounds. The one of you who survives the “local rounds” is on your own after that, though.

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I think we can see about @Jsondergaard getting the belt to you for this year until you hand it off to the new Champion.

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@Kolby is living up in Eagan now but is down in Rochester often so I’m guessing either way would work for him.

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Time to get involved, I’ve signed on up but won’t start planning where the belt will go unless I make it to the second round. Gotta manage those expectations. @Art.Vandelay


Ill be good for playing where ever, I’m ready to goooo


Love some more activity from the SWWI/SEMN folks That being said…


Hit me up if you wanna join up for a round in the area


Cool cool cool, fully understand and expect I’ll be doing some driving once I dispatch of @XrayPunk and co.


Anybody else down in that neck of the woods I should include? Can’t keep track of all the new guis

That’s all I know of. Of course, until I indoctrinate my new coworker who is a self-described golf addict!

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Anyone active down here in SW Mn besides @Bnankivil and myself? If I could get two rounds done down here I’d be more likely to sign up. Summer is too busy for me otherwise