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I’d like to introduce myself and the new European Tour themed blog @Tron and I will be working on, called “The Eurozone.” The first installment can be found here:

We’ve been kicking the tires on the best way to go about this, and just decided to let it be a free for all of anything coming out of the Eurosphere deemed worthy of NLU’s bandwidth. We’re going to do player profiles, tournament previews/recaps, tournament history, bad golf course architecture roasts from the cheap seats, longer-form stories about the (softcore) geopolitical implications of a world-wide golf tour, and hopefully some good interviews and analysis along the way.

But, as someone who hasn’t done a lot of little or big J journalism to this point (though I do a different form of writing for my job in the real world), I’m interested in your constructive feedback. I also want to cater to your good story ideas and topical interests. So tell me what you like, hate, do or don’t care about, etc. Or, just troll me; it’s all good.

Thanks for reading.


Is that your real name or just a porno name? Either way well done.



Touche, enjoyed the first blog, keep coming with the hot takes and watch out for them Cobras, heard there are a ton of them in Jax too


Man, that was like a fever dream. Italian Paraguayans. Cobra security. Three dimensional tiger trophies. Sign me up for more of this.


Gotta set the tone early


This was absolutely fantastic. Here’s to @jwfickett, known hereby as The Big Cobra.


Thanks for giving it another set of eyes, man! Reads cleaner in more ways than one.


Just wanted to give this one a mid-day bump. Looking for all manner of feedback. I know this is a niche topic, but if there are stories you want to read that would make the ET more fun to follow, let me know!


Enjoyed the read, good to see you guys getting into the Euro tour. Any plans to visit anymore of the European events?


Would be interested to hear some travel-type stuff. They’re all over the place, and in vastly different cultures/economic settings. I’m sure they’re are some wild stories.


Very good stuff. Especially the details about the course and highlight holes


If we could get more Sterling Archer on the Brexit Tour that’d be great. For example, what is the ocelot population in Malaysia?


Future #content: European Tour social media power rankings. 1 yd fairway vs. hole in one challenge vs. awkward reporter vs. teeing off on top of a building.

I really liked this, and loved the cobra story. I’d be interested to get updates on the Americans who are going the Euro route instead of playing the Web. It’s worked for Koepka and Uhlein, and Suri looks to be blowing up. Lastly, like others have mentioned, the travel/cultural differences between venues on a worldwide tour are worth exploring.


Thank you. Some good ideas here! We will definitely be working on some stuff about Americans going the Euro route in the future. Going to start working on lining up interviews and more in-depth player profiles as we go.


We’re back this week with a re-brand and another installment. This week’s event is, in @Tron’s words “bizzaro world!” We dive into the Super 6 hybrid event, Lake Karrinyup’s 6 featured match-play holes, and we profile David Lipsky. There’s even a little Iron Maiden for my fellow metalheads. Enjoy.


Just read the first two instalments. Well done gents. Some good views on a Tour I’m lucky to view often. Looking forward to reading more Eurozone pieces as the year unfolds.


I was in Perth last month, but couldn’t make a round at Lake Karrinyup happen. Great vibes in that city where pretty much everything is under 15 minutes from amazing beaches. Excited to watch some late night golf this weekend.


Installment #3 is live on the site. This week, there is no defending champ and no real indications for who might be suited to the course as this is a new event for 2018. Instead of our regular format, we’re going heavy on the architecture front with a deep dive into Al Mouj Golf, the Greg Norman course hosting the event. I had a hard time arriving at a definitive conclusion on how I felt about it, as it has some good stuff and some not so good stuff.

If architecture critiques are your thing, or if you’re just interested in learning more about what I look at when I’m dissecting a course, this should be a good one.

As always, all feedback welcome.


Nice job on installment #3. That is how you make a topic interesting without resorting to extreme takes and hyperbole. Really enjoyed the other installments as well, but you had a little more to chew on in those.

Hats off.