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Same sentiments here. Really good analysis, enjoyable read and also enhances the experience of watching the tournament.

Interesting with Norman courses - whenever his one time associate Bob Harrison was involved, the courses were good, and in some cases, very good. The non-Harrison courses in the Norman portfolio are invariably worse, and in some cases, as you said Job, they really stink.


I think you’re right about this, and so much of it comes down to three things, in my view. 1) Norman came of age as a player and designer in the era of “hard = good.” Being a former #1 player in the world maybe makes it difficult, at times, to understand how an amateur will view and play a hole, though I do think he’s gotten better at this somewhat over time. Jack, Arnie, and other pros-turned-architects’ work suffers the same flaw. 2) Norman has a lot of good ideas, but no idea how to execute them or articulate them properly to his shapers. 3) He takes projects that often times have no business being built, on flat/uninspiring sites and/or with difficult clients.


A little late this week with Number 4; been preparing for a trial next week so work’s been a #badhombre.

We should be back to your regularly scheduled programming next week.


Good piece this week, @jwfickett

I really enjoy your column. Provides good content in terms of course architecture and the Euro fields. I definitely like the current events/political subject matter relative to the applicable nations/regions too.

Keep it up, and I’ll keep reading.


These are amazing and in themselves hooking me to record and drop the euro tour on the PvR with the morning weekend coffee. Great job Job!


Hell yeah, @jwfickett. One of my favorites this week.


Interesting stuff there, didn’t think about the scheduling and flights aspect. Good job (lol)


Eddie Pepperell for his first win. So pleased for him.


@jwfickett @Tron Renato Paratore, the fastest man in golf…remember the name - you boys will love him.


Eddie Pepperell, great on the course… even better on twitter – a must follow.


While the guys are out playing Streamsong, someone had to be back in Jax holding down The Killhouse. Figured I’d do a little writing while I’m at it.

Profiles of Haydn Porteous, Dean Burmester, and just how damn good South Africa is at producing great golfers. Enjoy!


I need hot takes about this week’s golf course at the Hero Indian Open like I need air.



Count me in for anxiously awaiting this week’s Eurizone.


Me too! This course is an absolute circus.


Getting super duper #ejected at work this week. Client dropped a huge lawsuit on us Monday and I’ve been running around playing catch-up since. I’ll be dropping the tactical nuke on DLF later this evening. Thank you guys for being so interested in the column!


<Puts the Judge Smails “well…we’re waiting!” .gif back in the bag>


Thanks for staying patient. I hope this is worth the wait.


I’ve seen the picture of that ridiculous bunker with the jungle behind it a few places, and I chuckle at it every time. That said, what’s the actual hole where that bunker comes into play? Is someone really expected to hit over that giant lip+jungle to get to the green? If you end up in there, do you just pitch out sideways? Is there a rock quarry between that bunker and the green? Is there a rock quarry in the front of the bunker? Did Gary Player do 1000 sit ups in that bunker when he was designing the course? I have so many questions about it, and am slightly bummed I’ll be on vacation and miss the Euro coverage this week.


I still just can’t get over the foam faces in the bunkers… my lord…