The Down Under thread - ANZAC adjacent

As Dustin’s dentist I thought you would be giving us some insights from the ground too??

Post veneers he’s moved onto a more lucrative rebel practice sadly, missed the gravy train.

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If there are any blade hitters down here who baulked at getting a YOTB ball marker from @Jeff_M out of the US, I have 2 spares which I am happy to initial up for you and include for free in your next craftgolf order.

Happy to send some pics of the quality product if anyone is interested. They are around the size and depth of a $1 coin and carry a huge weight of expectation and pride that you are swinging a club that has a very small level of forgiveness. Or it could just be the weight of solid copper…


How are your vest stocks? Already have a blade marker, but keen to get into something for these colder days. The two outer layers I’ve got from NLU run way bigger than the sizing indicates so hopefully things can go a little smoother closer to home!

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I don’t have any vests at the moment, but could put a couple in the next order if that is what people are looking for? Feel free to DM me with your size and preference, and I will get them in.

I did see that you already received a marker or I would have gone direct for you!

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Thank you! If anyone has questions about the ballmarkers please feel free to reach out as well. Many thanks for ordering extras to help save on costs


We’ve arrived!!


Hi. I have just joined. I’m in Canberra and play at Royal.


It looks glorious up there considering Hobart is a freezing cyclone right now!
Play well! Looking forward to being there next week

Maybe glorious by Tassie standards! Temperatures werent the issue but with winds gusting around 50km/h my game got exposed pretty quickly.

It is an incredible place though, and didn’t disappoint. Hoping to sneak in a couple of loops of Bougle Run tomorrow before heading back to the airport.

I think Lost Farm was my pick of the two, but conditions and the abysmal state of my game at Dunes could have had something to do with that!


They are some cracking photos at least and glad you warmed it up for our journey next week! Can’t wait to get up there again.
Lost Farm is definitely my pick more every time I visit, but that is a bit like picking your favourite Victoria’s Sectret model…

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Oh agree, some of my reasons to prefer one over the other were getting pretty ridiculous.

Played Bougle Run this morning before heading back to the airport, and that may just be the most fun I’ve ever had playing golf. Just ridiculous trying to hit all the different banks and angles, playing a few balls on each hole. That’s the sort of golf i could play every day and not get bored, tons of fun without beating you up.

The highlight would be my 2 putt birdie on the par 3 first hole!

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Will be on the tee at Barnbougle in the morning and very excited.
For those not on insta or the email list, get on craftgolf with the code USOPEN22 for half price no laying up everything for this weekend.

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Thanks to absolutely everyone who supported the end of year sale. The shelves are looking much more ready for a refresh now, and the re-order will be going out to the US tomorrow if anyone has a specific request before I go ahead!

Turning 60 in January.

Planning an epic golf trip which includes New Zealand.

Likely limiting it to North Island.

Working my way north from Wellington.

Tara Iti and Te Arai already booked.
Likely devoting 21 days.

Here is my list:

New Zealand List rev 2023

North Island

Royal Wellington
Paraparaumu Beach
Cape Kidnappers
Tieke Estate
Tara Iti April 3 to 5
Te Arai. April 5 to 8
Kauri Cliffs.
Carrington Estate

Anything missing? Logical driving plan?