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The collapsible monopod is my favorite camera accessory. So convenient, practically fits in your pocket.


I’ve been staring at my old d5000 just sitting on the shelf for a while and wanting to get back into it in this thread might be the kick in the pants I need

Now just to find a local shop that can do a good cleaning


This makes me want to go out and shoot right now but it’s -5°C, I love to do anything related to cars, but its winter in Canada now and I’ve given up till March.


This is the one that got my itch back last year


Thanks for setting up, @Renlibrarian!

I’m a total noob at photography, but am having a blast with it.

I shoot on a Sony a6400, primarily with the kit lens (16-50) but I recently got another lens that I’ve fallen in love with shooting on (55-210).

I just finished grad school, and in my last semester I took an undergrad art class, specifically Documentary Photography. It was an awesome experience learning about the history of the art form and a great opportunity to practice my own skills.

I spent about 6 weeks abroad during the course of the class, so I did my final project on American influence/culture contrasted with local culture in Barcelona and Paris. Idk, pretty dumb, but I had fun with it. I can’t figure out how to get the pdf in here, so below are some of the pics from the project:

And my personal favorite:


I took an undergrad photography class as well! Love that choice!

Standing under buildings and looking up makes for some cool shots. I love the contrast of your first image with the building bottom/building side/sky

Im a big contrast gui. Some of my similar stuff:


Thanks! Love that black and white one of yours. I’d love to get a better eye for architecture, specifically some of the more “macro” shots (idk if macro is the right word, but more focused shots)

What was the photography class’s theme that you took?

I have a Nikon D7500 and do most of my shooting with either a 16-80mm f2.8-4 or a 70-300mm f4.5-6.3
(Most everything else I post is done with the above setup.)


When I traveled in Asia a few years ago, I picked up a Samsung WB380F (The last camera they made, I think) and I gots some excellent results with it!



Ryokan outside of Kyoto

Kyoto streets at night


Up to this point my kit has been a D3300 with a 24-85mm, a 10-20mm, and a Tamron 70-300.

Moving to a Fuji XT5 with a 10-24mm for sure. Still figuring out the other lenses.

Here’s some Nikon shots….


I LOVE those longer water exposures. So good!


It didn’t have a specific theme, it was a more basic intro class. Assignments were more based on technique than creativity

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That’s the class I wish I took… Would have been more useful. But it was fun to do some study about the form and learn from the real art kids lol

Thank you thank you thank you for this thread. I took my Sony a6400 up to the monastery last weekend to try some still shots for the very first time. I would love to learn some tips about setups, lens, editing, etc.

Here are my favorite pics from St. Benedict’s


Also, you guise are some immensely talented shooters. Love looking at your shots!


How was the retreat??

Really interesting and worthwhile. Would fully recommend if anybody is curious to do one.


A Nati Boh in its natural habitat


Wow, some immensely talented folks in here. I pretty much only take photos on my iphone (have a Nikon DSLR but the quality vs size tradeoff means I rarely lug it around on trips) and my struggle is to determine if my pics are good because they are well-composed, interesting subjects or if they are just of cool scenes/places/etc. Also, I can definitively say that my photo album breakdown is like 40% pics of food I ate, 30% pics of my dog, 20% stuff from the golf course, 10% all other.

Some from the film roll:

Vancouver Island


Austin Capital Building

My dog & home course

Trinity Library


Omg the landscape long exposure is SO good

Is that Zion in the last one? The Narrows?


Nailed it. That has to be the narrows