The Darkroom: general photography posts and discussion

In an attempt to allow the Golf and Photography thread to actually specialize in golf photos and tips, and to give the rest of us shutter bugs a free space to show off our work, ask for critique, and talk about technique, I am creating: The Darkroom

If we have enough interest, I’d also love to start a bi-weekly “shoot something on a theme” competition to help all of us work on our chops.

You don’t need to own a fancy camera, shoot raw, or even know what a prime lens is to be welcome. The best camera is always the one you have on you when you spot the shot you want to take. Come on in and share!


To start things off, I was wondering what was the first photo that you took that made you say “oh, there IS something magic about this, I need to learn more.”

This is mine:

I had no understanding of aperture, bokeh, or ISO, but I did at least understand shutter speed. I’ve coached wrestling for 10 years now, and this shot was taken during my first year coaching. There are a bunch of things that I would have set differently, knowing what I know now, but to capture the pivotal move of the match right as they stepped into a ray of sunshine, and just before my wrestler pinned the other boy, made me feel elated!


My first attempt at underwater photography: a manta ray in the Maldives. It was a total fluke as I had to guess where it was as I was only using a snorkel and mask and the sea was fairly rough that day. I dove under, took the shot and hoped.




A few I’ve taken this year:


Daniel…good lord

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Which lenses do you typically use for your landscapes?

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You are precisely who I hoped would show up. :grinning:
Welcome to the fun!


Always happy to geek out :slight_smile:

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Oh. My. GODS. Those are incredible! I especially love the vertical lighthouse photo. The combination of perfect timing and position is just chef’s kiss

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I think we need to go around the room with setups and intros

I shoot with

Canon T3 w/ 50mm f1.8 prime
Minolta SRT-101 w/ 135mm f4.5 prime
Fuji xt-1 w/27mm f2.8 prime

Prime lenses 4 lyfe

Here are some of my personal faves.


Love the blurred motion background. Getting creative with slowing down the shutter is super fun

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These are all taken with my Samsung galaxy S21. The camer is the reason why I don’t go back to iPhone and never can.

Thanks man. It was an evening that kept getting better and better. We had actually hiked back down from the lighthouse. The clouds began to lift and the sunset started poking through so my dad and I took off running to get back up the hill to this vantage point. The rest was all God :raised_hands:t3:


I’ve seen SO many people do it with racecars/Indy/F1 and I wanted to apply it to hockey since the guys glide more. First game of trying it freehand went pretty well - so we’re going to try again soon with a monopod

I believe its 1/10 f/9 ISO160

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Ran into this one outside of work one day.

This is one of my personal favorites, mainly because I was harnessed in the back of a truck shooting photos at 65 MPH.

A few from over the last few years.


Canon 1Dx & 7Dmkii

24-70 f/2.8

70-200 f/2.8

Tamron 150-600 f/5-6.3


That 3rd one is AWESOME framing

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Would love heading how you shoot those in your phone. I have the same phone. I don’t need with much as i don’t know but really want to learn. Although i think I’ve gotten some really cool ones without doing anything.

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Hell of a start. I’m a picture geek. But I’m no pro at exposure and settings honestly. I just tend to take it with what i have. Love to hear knowledge from yall. My photos mainly just basic phone camera ones. Will be watching this thread.