The Carolina Swig & Swing - 3/14/20 - DETAILS IN POST 826, RAFFLE ITEMS & PAIRINGS POST 1672

I have a long time buddy in Raleigh Durham that I haven’t seen in a couple years. Golf nut as well…this could be a good catch up spot/weekend


Several of us coming in from Raleigh


I added my name. I will definitely be there. tentative others.


why not? did someone ask yet?

30 people was the max on the DM thread we had going not the event.

@chilidipper you and Nance are coming to this right??

right. I was thinking if that many people were involved, why couldn’t we try to get the course for the day?

I’m assuming someone asked already but if not…lets do it…it is very reasonable to do and make for a ton of fun.

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@RangerB @DuckDuckHook them
are fighting words (runs to the putting mat to start practicing)

Someone pick me up lol

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Don’t make me post the video.


@DuckDuckHook @RangerB

I made birdie at Bobby Jones, sure I drove the green and had a 20 footer for eagle but I still made bird

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But that ninth green. Both times. Oof.

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yeah, after seeing cincy and ATL renting out the course, this seems like the definite move if at all possible

having the course to ourselves for a day and being able to play loop after loop and side games, etc would be incredible

even it it meant going elsewhere…

I don’t want to uproot what they are doing here…if they got something going it will be good

I will be there with bells on regardless

[owning a course is sic]

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We’re going to Sifford, it’ll work out. If you don’t like it, start your own.


tired: drive for show putt for dough
modern: drive for show drive for dough


thats the spirit

I’m simply projecting my own insecurities onto you.

If we have a large enough number confirmed, I’m confident we can have run of the course.


Maybe on tour. But ask him who closed out the match (net) on nine with ticklish 8 footer, and who’s now indebted exactly one ball marker from his home club.

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