SW MO/ NW Arkansas NLU

Anyone on here live in or around the SW Missouri/ NW Arkansas area? I am currently living in Springfield, MO and thought I would start a new thread to see if anyone else was close on here.

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I live in Bentonville. Would love to get a regular group of NLU guys in this area going. Count me in.

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Just joined and live in NWA. Getting a group together would be awesome.


Hey! Fayetteville here, let’s do it. Been looking for some new folks to golf with.

Of you guys can stomach driving 3-4 hours north there is the Great Plains golf club aka the Kansas City Roost that has three events already on the schedule.

Take the “?” off and you got yourself a thread! I have been tracking this idea as well. I live in Austin, TX now but from SGF/NWA area (Cassville, MO). Would love to catch a round with you folks when I’m back in town and need a break from family!

I love driving down there for a weekend every once in awhile but I know nothing about the golf scene. Maybe set something up around the LPGA event down there?

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I mentioned it in the other NW Arkansas thread, but my family goes down to Bella Vista from KC a couple weekends each summer. I’ll usually bring the clubs down and play one or two of the Bella Vista courses each trip.


No way! From Monett, now in Bentonville.

I’m down. There are some good courses in Bella Vista (just north of Rogers/Bentonville) that we could hit up.

Nice! I had many soccer/football/baseball games in monett. Wild times.

Actually the first round I ever recorded a score in was in Monett. It was bad lol.

Thats hilarious. I still play it quite a bit over the summer. Pretty decent little Muni for the area. New supers have helped tremendously.