Steeplechase III at Jeffersonville GC (Norristown, PA) - July 15th, 2023

This is the official discussion thread for Steeplechase III at Jeffersonville GC in Norristown, PA presented to you by the @ElectricPhactory.

Currently, we are just about 90% there on figuring out some of the final details, but luckily those last bullet points are all tied to tee gifts and final pricing for the event. Once I have those locked down, we’ll be able to announce the final entry fee and move from there to confirming our official registrations as payments are submitted.

The Details

If you’re interested in playing:

  1. Given that we operate our league through Unknown Golf, we will continue this trend and utilize them for our Steeplechase sign-ups. If you are not a member of our league on Unknown Golf, please click this link to join. Once complete, you’ll see the sign-up link on the right side of the screen. That sign-up will open Friday, May 19th at noon. Once we get to the full field of 60 players, you can still sign up to be on the waitlist and we will process those players as we get cancellations.
  2. Bookmark this thread for future reference.
  3. Comment to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

We had such a great event last year, so many thanks to all that participated! We’re certainly hoping to repeat that magic this year, and for many years to come! #GetInvolved


Can I register @AmandatoryGolfFriday at the same time or does she need her own login?


She would need her own login, simply because it ties into your USGA handicap.

Easiest way for new people to sign-up is just to utilize the “Log in with USGA GHIN” option.

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Heard she is ruthlessly collecting majors for her mantle across the northeast


She was part of the winning squad in the state team tournament too. Shes on a heater.


Do past champions get an automatic bid? Asking for a friend.


Wow that was so incredibly easy.


You’re all safe. Our son’s 1 year birthday party is the next day. With an NIT spot locked up shes sitting this one out to prepare.

As a deadbeat dad, I am not.


With 52 days to go until the event, we’re already at 75% of capacity, so absolutely thrilled about that!

Just wanted to drop in here and tease a few things that are currently in the works for the event…

  • We’re locked in with Precision Pro once again to sponsor two Closest to the Pins contests for the event. We’ll sort out which two holes as we get closer, but expect one on the front nine and one on the back nine like last year.

  • We’ve got some awesome tee gifts currently in the lab from our very own @flanwilder - can’t wait to see what he cooks up! Additionally, I’m looking at doing shirts as well, so once I have a design locked in, I’ll reach out for shirt sizes as we collect tournament fees.

  • I’ve determined that we’ll have the field split into three flights, with each flight winner receiving some pretty cool items from a recent Keystone Golf Collective collaboration… if you know, you know.

  • Given that Jeffersonville is in very much a state of heavy construction with the clubhouse being rebuilt from the ground up, we’re going to lessen the burden on them to host us following the round, and shift over to the Skramble House of KOP for food, beers and prize ceremonies. If you haven’t seen this place before from our Instagram visits, it’s a golf wonderland. 10+ simulators, a full putting course and a short game area complete with sand bunkers and a PuttView practice area. Only a five minute drive from the course, it’s the perfect spot to close out the day.

  • Additionally, understanding that we may have some participants traveling in for the event, we’re going to try and coordinate some additional golf for the crew hanging around into Sunday. Expect more details on that as they become available and once we can get a feel for demand.

That’s all I’ve got for now, thanks everyone!


Can confirm we are deep in the process…

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So bummed that a Philly/Jersey Shore trip isn’t in the cards this year. This was one of the best golf days of the summer last year. Post-round hang was a blast. Hope it’s a great time this year.

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Live look at the Cap

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