Steeplechase II at Jeffersonville GC (Norristown, PA): 2022, July 16th

This is the official sign-up thread for Steeplechase II at Jeffersonville GC in Norristown, PA. We are also in the process of applying to be the NIT Qualifier for Southeastern PA/NJ/DE.

While many details are still very much being ironed out, if you’re interested, please sign up on the Google Sheet below. Jeffersonville is in the process of going through some big changes in the coming months and years, so the more information we can pass along to them for field size, the better.

The Details

  • Course: Jeffersonville Golf Club - Norristown, PA.
  • Date: July 16/17 (Will be able to lock down exact day, but this weekend looks like the best option for us)
  • Cost: : $TBD (This will be determined once we have a better idea of our field size and we can narrow down whether or not we can do tee times like last year or rent out the whole course)
  • Charity: Philabundance
  • Number of NIT Spots: :construction: TBD - Official NIT events are currently being planned out by NLU. Our goal is to have 2 like we did last year, but we’ll update as we have more information! :construction:
  • Tournament Format: : Net Quota
  • Field Size: 60-80
  • Hosts / Organizing Committee: @MikeRevak @mgladdy @ChickPhilA

If you’re interested in potentially playing:

  1. Add your name, email, handicap and Refuge Handle to this list: Steeplechase II Sign-ups
  2. Bookmark this thread for future reference.
  3. Comment to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

We had such a great event last year, so many thanks to all that participated! We’re certainly hoping to repeat that magic this year, and for many years to come! #GetInvolved


I think the sheet is locked. I am not able to enter my info.

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OOOO Boy we like that. Should I bring back the hickory to be the official champions trophy? Or I can send it to @mgladdy if there is any special need for it before the actual event…engravement perhaps?


That could be a sick rotating trophy for the overall winner, absolutely love that idea!


Feel free to reach out to coordinate as we obviously have time.

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Can’t wait for this one again. Such a great time last year


Definitly signing up, but just a point of clarificaiton. I’ve rarely held a real handicap. Goal is obviously to get one before this, but if not, do we just got a placeholder handicap that makes it near impossible to steal an NIT spot?

Pumped for this. Last year was a great time.

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Just for reference, HC or HC index?

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I had a couple of buddies outside of the refuge join us last year. Are they allowed to tag along again this time around?

@iamout4trout I’d like to say Handicap Index, but I’ll double check with the other Captains to verify for sure.

@barnabyjones Yeah, that’s definitely the goal! I believe I set this up in the right category so it’s visible to those outside of the Nest that visit the message board, so just make sure they go ahead and sign up, or you can sign them up.

Just want to throw this out there as well, if we’re good about getting enough committed sign-ups, it opens up our schedule of events. If we’re below a threshold, we’ll do a similar event like last year with tee times and then a hangout afterwards. If we’re above the threshold, the goal is to rent the course for the afternoon, do our 18 hole Net Quota competition, break for food & drinks, then transition to either a modified 18 hole routing or a simplified par 3 routing of the course. Should be an excellent time no matter what!


I cannot wait to play Jeffersonville again.


Last year it was handicap and they applied the index day of based off the tees we played. Although it may just be assumed we are playing the back tees again

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Tentatively planning to make a return to JVille


Those dates are two weeks after my daughter’s due date sooooooooo I’m in!


@bmasters @bhooveme OOOOO boy we like that



So excited, last year was a blast!


Last year was my first meetup event and I had a blast. On the spreadsheet for Steeplechase II - coming for you @samton123


@MikeRevak yeah it would make sense. My HC at home course is not the same as the Jeff and if there’s a mix of HCs and Indexes in the signup, it may be tricky down the road. Just thinking ahead. Let us know.


Teeing off first last year I had the distinct pleasure of watching every group putt out on 18 and oh was it a blast. Hopefully the course is dialed up again.